Nizi Project season 2

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Nizi Project
Season 2
No. of episodes20
Original network Hulu Japan
Original releaseJuly 21 (2023-07-21) 
December 15, 2023 (2023-12-15)
Season chronology
Season 1

Nizi Project Season 2 (lit. "Rainbow Project Season 2") is a 2023 Japanese reality competition show, and is the second season of Nizi Project series. The series is a joint project between JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan with the intention of creating a global Japanese boy group. Nizi Project Season 2 is centered on JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young selecting members for the boy group out of 20 boys, who eventually debuted as Nexz.



On July 12, 2021, Park held a press conference announcing that Nizi Project will have a second season to create a Japanese boy band set for debut in March 2023. [1] Applications for boys from 14 to 22 years old are open from July 2021 to October 2021. [1] Auditions will take place from November to December 2021 in eight cities in Japan, as well as New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and Seoul in South Korea. [1] The contestants will be evaluated in five categories: vocal, dance, rap, modeling, and composing/lyricism. [1] The members for the group will be finalized and announced in December 2023. [1]


TokyoEiji Ito (伊藤 瑛史)
Ken So (蘇 建)
Kohei Nagatsuka (永塚 康平)
Miraku Hoshizawa (星沢 弥樂)
KobeYu Tomiyasu (富安 悠)
Reito Kitagawa (北川 玲叶)
Sean Matsubara (柗原 翔音)
Yuki Nishiyama (西山 裕貴)
Naoya Kida (紀田 直哉)
Shokei Wataru (渡 祥恵)
HiroshimaTakao Yamaguchi (山口 恭生)
Yuito Enomoto (榎本 唯人)
Takato Otsuka (大塚 天翔)
OkinawaRiki Irei (伊礼 吏輝)
SapporoRio Takahashi (高橋 理央)
SeoulTomoya Uemura (植村 朋哉)JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 2 years and 7 months
Taichi Inagaki (稲垣 太地)JYP Entertainment trainee
Sodai Miura (三浦 颯大)JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 1 year and 1 month
Haru Inoue (井上 陽)JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 6 months
Takuto Matsuda (松田拓翔)JYP Entertainment trainee
Seita Kawashima (河嶋 星太)JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 7 months
Taiga Fujimaki (藤牧 大雅)JYP Entertainment trainee
Yuhi Komori (小森 優陽)JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 3 years



Color key
      Cube was awarded
      Cube was awarded as a runner-up
      Cube was awarded later in the end of Part 1
      Ranked last; at risk of elimination
      Eliminated or withdrawn
RegionContestantPart 1Part 2
DanceVocalsX factorPersonalityPart 1 RankingGrowth
(eps. 11-13)
(eps. 14-15)
(eps. 17-18)
(eps. 19-20)
SeoulTomoya Uemura62Won212221
KobeYuki Nishiyama123WonWon26783
SeoulHaru Inoue45WonWon35112
SeoulYuhi Komori77WonWon64336
KobeYu Tomiyasu1011WonWon81455
SeoulSeita Kawashima176WonWon119647
TokyoKen So1817WonWon123564
TokyoEiji Ito19WonWon4787Eliminated
TokyoMiraku Hoshizawa510Won1512109Eliminated
SeoulTaiga Fujimaki1314WonWon71111Eliminated
KobeSean Matsubara3161Won9812Eliminated
SeoulSodai Miura91WonWon10109Eliminated
SapporoRio Takahashi144Eliminated
KobeShokei Wataru88Eliminated
HiroshimaTakato Otsuka2020WonEliminated
SeoulTaichi Inagaki1512WonEliminated
TokyoTaichi Takahashi1115WonEliminated
HiroshimaTakao Yamaguchi1918Eliminated
HiroshimaYuito Enomoto1619WonEliminated
TokyoKohei Nagatsuka213Eliminated
KobeReito KitagawaEliminated
KobeNaoya KidaEliminated
OkinawaRiki IreiEliminated
SeoulTakuto MatsudaEliminated


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