October Tide

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October Tide
October Tide, live in 2011 (1).jpg
October Tide in 2011.
Background information
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Death-doom
Years active1994–1999, 2009–present
LabelsVic, Avantgarde Music, Pulverised Records, Agonia Records
Associated acts Katatonia, Bloodbath, Scar Symmetry, In Mourning, Letters From The Colony
MembersFred Norrman
Johan Jönsegård
Jonas Sköld
Mattias "Kryptan" Norrman
Alexander Högbom
Past members Jonas Renkse
Mårten Hansen
Tobias Netzell
Pierre Stam
Emil Alstermark
Joakim Wallgren

October Tide is a Swedish death/doom metal side project that was created in 1994 by Katatonia vocalist Jonas Renkse and then-Katatonia guitarist Fred Norrman. [1]




October Tide's debut album, Rain Without End , was recorded in 1995 and released on Vic Records in 1997. [2] During this period October Tide maintained a low profile, deciding not to tour or give any interviews. [1]

October Tide's second album, Grey Dawn , was released in 1999 by Avantgarde Music.[ citation needed ] The band enlisted Mårten Hansen of A Canorous Quintet to replace Renkse on vocals. [3] The album was remastered and re-released by Peaceville Records in 2007.[ citation needed ] After the release of Grey Dawn , October Tide disbanded.[ citation needed ]


After leaving Katatonia, Norrman reformed October Tide in early 2009. The new line-up didn't include founding member Jonas Renkse, but instead consisted of Norrman on guitars, Tobias Netzell on vocals, Robin Bergh on drums and Jonas Kjellgren as a session bassist. [1] The band entered the studio to record a new album. [4] October Tide signed to Candlelight Records in March 2010. [4]

In July 2010, October Tide performed live at Hell's Pleasure Metalfest. [5] Johan Jansson replaced Kjellgren on bass for the show. [6]

A Thin Shell was released on September 28, 2010. [7] After the album's release, Pierre Stam joined the band on bass. [7]


In March 2012, Netzell and Stam left the band, and were replaced by Alexander Högbom and Mattias Norrman, respectively. [8] October Tide signed with Pulverised Records in April 2012. [9] The band entered Black Lounge Studios in late 2012 to record their new album, Tunnel of No Light . [10] They released the album on March 25, 2013. [11]

In 2015, drummer Robin Bergh was replaced by Jocke Wallgren. [12]


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Past members


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