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Studio album by
Released6 October 2009
Genre Lo-fi, indie, alternative rock, Iranian traditional music
Label Stradivarius
Producer Fabrica
Mohsen Namjoo chronology
Jabr-e Joghrafiyaei
Strange Times

Oy is the third studio album by the Iranian singer-songwriter Mohsen Namjoo after Toranj and Jabr-e Joghrafiyaei. Released on 6 October 2009 [1] this was Namjoo's first [2] [3] album produced and published outside Iran. [2]


This also was the first collaboration between Namjoo and Golshifteh Farahani in which Golshifteh plays piano and also sings in some parts. [4] [5] In addition to drums, piano and accordion other Iranian musical instruments including setar and Tonbak are played within the album.

Two Concerts were held in Italy, one in Venice on 11 September and the other in Milan on 8 October and songs of Oy album were performed with Italian instrumentalists and Golshifteh Farahani playing the piano. Both concerts were free of charge and served as a promotion for the album. [6] [7] [8]


After leaving Iran and nearly one year living in Vienna he moved to Venice. There he got acquainted with Babak Payami, the art director [9] of film and video section [10] [11] in Fabrica institute, a subset of Benetton Group. [12] Both concerts and the album production was accomplished by the Fabrica.

"I got this chance to be acquainted with Mohsen Namjoo, a special artist above all .I think Namjoo both has made many innovations in the Persian music world and in the literature of the music and the poems. "

Babak Payami, bbc.co.uk [2]

Track listing

  1. "Hammash" – 5:16
  2. "Shams" – 5:51
  3. "Dela Didi" – 7:41
  4. "Qashqai" – 5:55
  5. "Binazir" – 8:00
  6. "Khan Baji" – 7:44
  7. "Cielito Lindo" – 7:36
  8. "Gladiators (Faghih Khoshgele)" – 8:18

Quran sura singing controversy

In 2006 the Iranian judicial system sentenced Namjoo in absentia to a five-year jail term for allegedly ridiculing the ash-Shams, a surah of the Quran, in his song "Shams". The conviction took place in spite of his formal apology. Later Namjoo claimed that he will perform an orchestral version of this song in Venice. [13] [14] [15] The song was also released as part of the album.


Mohsen Namjoo's songs has always caused many controversies inside Iranian society because of many uncommon and taboo use of Persian vocabulary and also a kind of frank satirical look into the society Mohsen Namjoo.jpg
Mohsen Namjoo's songs has always caused many controversies inside Iranian society because of many uncommon and taboo use of Persian vocabulary and also a kind of frank satirical look into the society

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Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh( Adbollah) عبدولله( ابراهیم‌زاده‎; born September 8, 1997 in Torbat-e Heydarieh) is an Iranian vocalist and musician. He performed at the 2018 AFC Champions League Final between Persepolis and the Kashima Antlers.

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