Panic (1963 film)

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Panic (1963 film).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed by John Gilling
Screenplay byJohn Gilling
Based ona story by John Gilling
Produced by Guido Coen
Cinematography Geoffrey Faithfull
Edited by William Lewthwaite
Ingram Films
Distributed by Bryanston Films (UK)
Release date
  • 1963 (1963)(UK)
Running time
69 min
CountryUnited Kingdom

Panic is a 1963 British crime film directed by John Gilling and starring Dyson Lovell, Janine Gray and Glyn Houston. [1] The screenplay concerns a young Swiss woman who becomes mixed up with a gang planning a diamond heist. [2]



Critical reception

TV Guide called it "A hollow crime melodrama"; [3] whereas The Dark Side called it "an atmospheric British noir." [4]   

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