Three Steps to the Gallows

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Three Steps to the Gallows
Three Steps to the Gallows poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by John Gilling
Written by Paul Erickson
John Gilling
Produced by Robert S. Baker
Monty Berman
Starring Scott Brady
Mary Castle
Gabrielle Brune
CinematographyMonty Berman
Edited by Margery Saunders
Music by Stanley Black
Distributed by Eros Films
Lippert Pictures (US)
Release dates
December 1953
1 January 1954 (US)
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Three Steps to the Gallows is a 1953 British crime film directed by John Gilling and starring Scott Brady, Mary Castle and Gabrielle Brune. [1] It was produced by the independent Tempean Films and was made at the Southall Studios with sets designed by the art director Wilfred Arnold. Extensive location shooting took place around London including on Regent Street, around Chelsea and at the Olympia Exhibition Centre. The film, essentially a British second feature, is enhanced by the attractive American leads. It was released in the USA by Lippert Pictures as White Fire.



An American merchant ship officer on shore leave in London learns that his brother is about to be hanged in three days and sets out to prove his innocence against an organised smuggling gang based in a nightclub. His plight becomes increasingly tense in the face of double crosses and bad decisions in a race against time.


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