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Paul Dorrington
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Tse Tse Fly
The Wedding Present

Paul Dorrington is an English guitarist and bassist best known for his 1991-1995 tenure in The Wedding Present.

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Dorrington joined Sheffield group AC Temple in 1985, [1] and recorded Rorschach Blot Test, a live compilation album featuring The Dustdevils and Kilgore Trout. In 1988 he formed Tse Tse Fly with Mark Goodrham and future Wedding Present and Cinerama guitarist Simon Cleave.

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Tse Tse Fly were an alternative rock group from Leeds, England, formed in 1988 by former A.C. Temple guitarist Paul Dorrington, along with Jayne Lockey and Simon Cleave. They released several EPs and an album before splitting up in 1994. All three original members went on to join The Wedding Present.

In 1991, Paul Dorrington joined The Wedding Present on guitar, recording The Hit Parade 1 , Hit Parade 2 and Watusi albums before leaving in 1995. [1] Dorrington was also the guitarist of Cha Cha Cohen, recording a single on Hemiola records and an album on Chemikal Underground Records.

The Wedding Present British indie rock group

The Wedding Present are a British indie rock group originally formed in 1985 in Leeds, England, from the ashes of the Lost Pandas. The band's music has evolved from fast-paced indie rock in the vein of their most obvious influences The Fall, Buzzcocks and Gang of Four to more varied forms. Throughout their career, they have been led by vocalist and guitarist David Gedge, the band's only constant member.

Hit Parade 2 is a compilation album by The Wedding Present released in January 1993. Having decided to release a limited edition single every month for all of 1992 the group subsequently compiled the songs as two LPs called Hit Parade 1 and Hit Parade 2. In 2003, a double CD was issued called simply "The Hit Parade".

Watusi was the fourth studio album released by The Wedding Present.

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Darren Belk is an English songwriter, bassist and guitarist best known for his tenures in the bands Beachbuggy and The Wedding Present.

Simon Smith has been the drummer with several British Indie rock bands, most notably The Wedding Present from Leeds, which he joined in 1988, and also worked with its offshoot The Ukrainians.

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