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Cinerama are an English indie pop band, headed up by David Gedge, the frontman for The Wedding Present. The band is known for combining rock guitar music with string and woodwind sounds. [1]



Originally formed in 1998, Cinerama began as a duo comprising David Gedge and Sally Murrell. Initial releases were stylistically different from The Wedding Present, featuring soundtrack-like arrangements with string and woodwind accompaniment. Live performances included the many musicians required to create the orchestral accompaniment present in the recordings. Over time the band's sound returned to rock, with songs originally recorded by The Wedding Present incorporated into Cinerama's live set.

During the recording of the album that became Take Fountain , Gedge decided that the band's sound had changed so much that the album should be released as The Wedding Present.

Post 2004

Most Wedding Present set lists during this time included at least one Cinerama song.[ citation needed ]

The band played and recorded occasionally and performed a short set at each of David Gedge's "At the edge of.." festivals. The line up usually comprised the current Wedding Present lineup but with the musicians switching their usual instruments.[ citation needed ]

On 18 May 2015, Cinerama released a re-vamped version of the Wedding Present's album Valentina . [2] The re-recording of a Wedding Present long player by Cinerama had been a long-term ambition of David Gedge.




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The band has included the following members:

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