Peace (cigarette)

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An old Japanese tin box of Peace cigarettes along with a cigarette
Product type Cigarette
Owner Japan Tobacco
Produced by Japan Tobacco
Country Japan
Introduced1946;74 years ago (1946)
Markets Japan, Taiwan [1] [2] [3]

Peace is a Japanese brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Japan Tobacco. The brand is produced exclusively in Japan.



In 1946 a 10-pack version was released by the Ministry of Finance's Monopoly in January as the first product. The name of the new issue was publicly offered along with the design, and the 1st was "New World", but "the piece" of 2 was adopted from the difficult point of manufacturing technology. Peace has been released as a memorial for peace in 1920 after the end of World War I, but sales eventually ceased and the current version of Hope has no affiliation with the pre-war variant. The current variant was released in hopes of a dream and hope, a peaceful future in the confusion period after World War II. [4]

The variant made by the Japan Monopoly Authority period was a native species made in Japan, Higashiyama leaves of Ichinoseki of the Iwate Prefecture were used, which is different from the current Virginia blend.

Peace's logo was designed by Raymond Loewy, the famous U.S. industrial designer who also worked on the pack design of Lucky Strike, in April 1952. [5] [6] A high-priced design fee was a topic of discussion in the era when recognition was still low for commercial design, but as a result of the design change the annual sales number had rapidly increased from 2.6 billion to 15 billion. [7] The design changed preferences and the new design became the worldwide standard, as well as greatly influencencing Japanese product designs in the future. [8]

In Noah's Ark, depicted in the Old Testament, asymbolic mark (A pigeon with olive leaves) is also used on the Hope cigarettes. "A dove that Noah released from the window of the ark to know the state of the outer world where the flood happened. By bringing back leaves together, the great flood ceases and the Earth of relief is closed". Based on the anecdote, the pigeon became a symbol of peace and thus is used on the Peace cigarettes.

In May of 2016 (May 28), "ninety-seventh anniversary limited package" was sold in a limited quantity with nine issues, "Peace classic" was sold in limited quantity as a celebration of the 70th anniversary. [9]

Peace cigarettes come in short (70 mm), king size (85 mm), or long (100 mm). They come within a soft or hard pack or steel can, 10 or 20 or 50 cigarettes per pack. It is the first full-fledged Virginia blend type with domestically produced leaves as a main ingredient of Virginia leaves, and the cigarettes have a deep flavour with a "faintly sweet and gentle fragrance" with a vanilla flavour. They are seen as a counterpart to Hope cigarettes. [10] [11]


Below are all the variants of Peace cigarettes, with the levels of tar and nicotine included.

NameRelease dateDate of discontinuancePrice in ¥TarNicotineDescription
Peace (10)January 10, 1946Still available230 Yen28 mg2,3 mgShort-cut / common name: Short Peace
Peace (50)July 1, 1949July 20021,150 Yen28 mg2,3 mgCutout / common name: can-Peace, pecan. It is not sold in cigarette vending machines.
Peace (20)February 1, 1965Still available460 Yen21 mg1,9 mgCommon name: long peace, longpea, gold
Peace LightApril 1, 1985April 2001260 Yen10 mg1,0 mgSoft pack
Peace InternationalOctober 1, 1989January 1994??? Yen12 mg1,3 mg
Peace Light boxOctober 1, 1991Still available460 Yen10 mg0,9 mg
Peace Medium BoxAugust 1, 1994May 2011440 Yen14 mg1,2 mg
Peace Super Light boxOctober 1, 1996Still available460 Yen6 mg0,5 mg
Peace AcousticNovember 1, 2002February 2008320 Yen8 mg0,9 mgNo fragrance added
Peace Aroma Menthol BoxJuly 1, 2004March 2007320 Yen7 mg0,6 mgPeace's first menthol
Peace Smooth Aroma boxJuly 1, 2005February 2008320 Yen6 mg0,5 mgCharcoal filter
Peace InfinityOctober 2, 2006Still available490 Yen8 mg0,7 mgD-spec / 100's size / AFT charcoal filter
The PeaceFebruary 1, 2012Still available1,000 Yen10 mg1,0 mgIt is sold at 3,500 tobacco face-to-face dealers throughout the country, and it is not sold at cigarette vending machines.
Peace Aroma Royal 100's BoxSeptember 1, 2014Still available500 Yen10 mg1,0 mg100's size
Peace Aroma Crown 100's BoxSeptember 1, 2014Still available500 Yen6 mg0,6 mg100's size
Peace ClassicJune 1, 2016Still available1,500 Yen10 mg1,0 mgPeace release 70th anniversary commemoration commodity. Limited sale only to 4,000 tobacco face-to-face shops nationwide. It is not sold in cigarette vending machines. [9]

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