Pentagram (Gorgoroth album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 12, 1994
Recordedearly 1994 at Grieghallen Studio
Genre Black metal
Label Embassy Productions
Producer Pytten, Gorgoroth
Gorgoroth chronology
Promo '94
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Pentagram is the debut studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, released in September 1994 by Embassy Productions. [3] It followed the band's two demo cassettes, A Sorcery Written in Blood and Promo '94 . It was the only album to feature Samoth on bass and Goat Pervertor on drums.

Norway constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe

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Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. Common traits include fast tempos, a shrieking vocal style, heavily distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, raw (lo-fi) recording, unconventional song structures, and an emphasis on atmosphere. Artists often appear in corpse paint and adopt pseudonyms.

Gorgoroth Norwegian black metal band

Gorgoroth is a Norwegian black metal band based in Bergen. It was formed in 1992 by guitarist Infernus, who is also the only original member remaining, and the band have since released nine studio albums. Gorgoroth are a Satanic band and have drawn controversy due to some of their concerts, which have featured impaled sheep heads and mock crucifixions. The band is named after the dead plateau of darkness in the land of Mordor from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.



Pentagram was reissued seven times, four of those on CD: in 1996 by Malicious Records, in 1999 by Century Black in America, in 2005 as a remastered version on Season of Mist and in 2007 on Regain Records. It was reissued three times on 12" vinyl: by Malicious Records in 1996 (limited to 500 copies), by Agonia Records in 2005 (limited to 1000 copies) and in 2006 by Back on Black Records.

Remaster refers to changing the quality of the sound or of the image, or both, of previously created recordings, either audiophonic, cinematic, or videographic.

Season of Mist is an independent record label and record distributor with subsidiaries in France and the United States. The record label was founded in 1996 by Michael S. Berberian in Marseille, France. From the start releasing black metal, pagan metal and death metal records, the label moved on to releasing albums of avant-garde metal, gothic metal and punk bands as well. The label has two offices, one in Marseille, France and one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Regain Records was a Swedish-based independent record label. The label predominantly released death metal and black metal albums. Regain Records was founded from what remained of the former label, Wrong Again Records, by Per Gyllenbäck in 1997. Wrong Again Records had such bands as In Flames, Cryptopsy, Arch Enemy, and Naglfar among its ranks.

Track listing

1."Begravelsesnatt" ("Burial Night")HatGoat Pervertor2:33
2."Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)" Infernus Infernus3:22
4."Drömmer om Död" ("Dreaming of Death")HatGoat Pervertor3:44
5."Katharinas bortgang" ("Katharina's Passing")InfernusGoat Pervertor4:03
6."Huldrelokk" Infernus1:52
7."(Under) The Pagan Megalith"Goat PervertorGoat Pervertor3:53
8."Maaneskyggens Slave" ("The Moon-Shadow's Slave")InfernusInfernus5:53
Total length:29:11


Additional personnel

Promo '94

Promo '94
Promo 94.jpg
Demo album by
ReleasedApril 1994 (1994-04)
Genre Black metal
Label Self-released
Gorgoroth chronology
A Sorcery Written in Blood
Promo '94

Promo '94 is the second demo by Gorgoroth. It was independently released in 1994 on cassette, and featured raw mixes of two tracks from Pentagram.

Track listing

  1. "Katharinas bortgang" – 3:57
  2. "Måneskyggens slave" – 5:47


Additional personnel

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Samoth Norwegian musician

Samoth is a musician and multi-instrumentalist in the Norwegian black metal scene. He is well known for his distinct guitar work and drumming in the band Emperor, as well as his formation of the death metal band Zyklon. In very early Emperor releases, he was called Samot, and with the formation of Zyklon he became known as Zamoth. Samoth was the owner of the record label Nocturnal Art Productions and had a close relationship with Candlelight Records.

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<i>Antichrist</i> (Gorgoroth album) album by Gorgoroth

Antichrist is the second studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. The working title of the album was Død. It was released by Malicious Records on 3 March 1996 on vinyl and CD. It was re-released several times: by Century Black in 1999, as a remastered version by Season of Mist in 2005, on vinyl in 2005 on Agonia Records, and on vinyl in 2006 on Back on Black Records. The latter was released in a gatefold sleeve, and included a guitar pick signed by Infernus. It was the first album to feature Pest on vocals and Frost on drums, and the last album to feature Hat on vocals.

Infernus Norwegian black metal musician

Roger Tiegs, better known by his stage name, Infernus, is a Norwegian black metal musician and Satanist. He is the sole founding member and chief ideologist of the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, which was formed in 1992, as well as the founder and head of Forces of Satan Records. He is mainly a guitarist, but has also participated as bassist, drummer and vocalist on several recordings released both by Gorgoroth and other bands.

<i>Twilight of the Idols</i> (Gorgoroth album) album by Gorgoroth

Twilight of the Idols is the sixth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. It was released on August 12, 2003 by Nuclear Blast, and reissued in 2006 by Back on Black Records. It was the only album to feature drummer Kvitrafn.

<i>Under the Sign of Hell</i> album by Gorgoroth

Under the Sign of Hell is the third studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. Recorded in 1996 and released in 1997, it was the first album to feature Ares on bass and the only one to feature Grim on drums.

<i>Incipit Satan</i> 2000 studio album by Gorgoroth

Incipit Satan is the fifth full-length album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. It was released on 7 February 2000 by Nuclear Blast, and reissued in 2006 by Back on Black Records. Incipit Satan was the first album with King ov Hell as bassist, the last album to feature Tormentor on guitar and the only one with Sjt. Erichsen on drums. The band members dedicated the album to their deceased friend and former bandmate Erik Brødreskift.

<i>A Sorcery Written in Blood</i> 1993 demo album by Gorgoroth

A Sorcery Written in Blood was the first demo released by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. The title of the demo was taken from the lyrics of the song "The Return of Darkness and Evil" by the band Bathory. The demo was released in 1993 as a limited edition hand-numbered cassette. A 7" vinyl bootleg also existed; however, there were no official reissues. Due to the Satanic imagery used on the demo cover, the newspaper Firda in Førde in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, ran a front-page story on the demo and Gorgoroth on 7 January 1994. The demo led to the band landing a record deal with French record label Embassy Productions. The track "Sexual Bloodgargling" was an early version of the song "Ritual", re-recorded for Gorgoroth's first album Pentagram.

<i>Relentless</i> (Pentagram album) 1985 studio album by Pentagram

Relentless is the debut studio album from Virginia doom metal band Pentagram. It was self-released in 1985 as Pentagram, but was reissued by Peaceville Records in 1993 with the new title and track listing. It was also issued as a two-disc split CD with Day of Reckoning in 1996 and then re-released again in 2005 as a digipak CD. The album is now commonly known as Relentless.

Ole Moe Norwegian musician

Apollyon is a black metal/thrash metal multi-instrumentalist, formerly associated with Dødheimsgard and Cadaver, now playing in Aura Noir and also Immortal after its reforming in 2006. He has done guest vocals on the Darkthrone albums Plaguewielder and Sardonic Wrath, and also on Audiopain's EP 1986 (2000). He was a live guitarist for Gorgoroth from 2003 to 2004, and performed at Gorgoroth's now infamous Kraków gig in February 2004. In 2004 Apollyon participated in a live tribute to Quorthon of Bathory at the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway. Apollyon played bass on all songs, and also did the vocals on the song Equimanthorn. In addition to Apollyon, the line-up of this tribute band consisted of Bård Faust (ex-Emperor) on drums and Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Samoth (Emperor) on guitars, as well as guest vocalists Gaahl (Gorgoroth), Abbath (Immortal), Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved), Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) and Satyr (Satyricon).

<i>True Norwegian Black Metal – Live in Grieghallen</i> live album

True Norwegian Black Metal – Live in Grieghallen is Gorgoroth's first full-length live album, released by Regain Records. It was recorded live in the studio at Grieghallen Lydstudio in Bergen and Threeman Recordings in Stockholm. The songs on the album represented the most commonly played songs in Gorgoroth's live set. The cover design by Magnus Wohlfart was radically different from the previous three full-length albums, being more reminiscent of the cover of the album Under the Sign of Hell (1997). Most of the album was recorded before the departure of vocalist Gaahl and bass guitarist King ov Hell, who had intended on using the band's name and assets. The bass guitar for this album was later re-recorded by guitarist and band founder Infernus. Infernus dedicated the album to the late Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection.

<i>Bergen 1996</i> 2007 live album by Gorgoroth

Bergen 1996 is a live EP by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. It was released in November 2007 on 7" vinyl picture disc by Infernus's record label Forces of Satan Records, and on CD by Regain Records. The tracks were recorded live at Maxime in Bergen, Norway, on 23 May 1996. It was previously released in 1996 as The Last Tormentor on 7" red vinyl, in a limited pressing of 666 copies.

<i>Demo 2002</i> 2003 demo album by Orcustus

Demo 2002 was the first release by the Norwegian black metal band Orcustus, founded by Taipan and with Infernus and Tormentor of Gorgoroth and Dirge Rep of Enslaved and Gehenna. It was limited to 1,000 copies on CD. This demo was deemed a significant and important release by several well-known musicians from the Norwegian black metal scene, such as Fenriz of Darkthrone and Frost of Satyricon, and led to the band being signed to the US record label Southern Lord Records.

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Reign of the Malicious is the debut full-length album by Nachtmystium.

<i>Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt</i> 2009 studio album by Gorgoroth

Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt is the eighth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. It was released on 21 October 2009 by Regain Records. This album marked the return of Pest on vocals, as well as the debut of Tomas Asklund on drums and Bøddel on bass.

<i>Nachtmystium</i> (EP) 2003 studio album by Nachtmystium

Nachtmystium is an EP by Nachtmystium.

<i>Instinctus Bestialis</i> 2015 studio album by Gorgoroth

Instinctus Bestialis is the ninth full-length studio album by Norwegian black metal act Gorgoroth. It was released on 8 June 2015 by Soulseller Records. It was also released digitally, as well as on digipak CD in a limited first pressing, limited black vinyl LP and limited picture vinyl LP. It is the first album to feature vocalist Atterigner and was the last to feature bassist Bøddel, who died from cancer four months after the album's release.

<i>Emperor</i> (EP) 1993 EP by Emperor

Emperor is the debut EP by the black metal band of the same name. It was released in 1993 by Candlelight.


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