Per Aldeheim

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Per Aldeheim
Born (1966-01-17) 17 January 1966 (age 53) [1]
Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Rock, Pop, Hard rock, Metal, Funk metal
Instruments Guitar
Years active1980s-present
Labels BMG
Associated actsLazy
It's Alive

Per Henrik Aldeheim (born 17 January 1966), is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and producer. [2] He started out in the business with the band Lazy, also featuring Kim Björkgren. In 1985 they quit the band and started a new, It's Alive, together with among others Max Martin (then known as Martin White) as their singer and frontman. It's Alive ceased to exist in 1995 after releasing two albums. Aldeheim has since then worked together with Max Martin as a producer as Cheiron Studios. He also co-wrote and did Arrangements for the Song "Light Discovering Darkness" from the Album Sworn to a Great Divide by Soilwork.

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Earthquake Visions is the album that the glam-style metal band It's Alive recorded for Cheiron Studios in 1994. Earthquake Visions eventually sold a disappointing 30,000 copies, but furthermore established the contact between Cheiron and the band's vocalist Martin White – better known as the famous-to-be producer/songwriter Max Martin.

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