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Pete Loeffler
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Background information
Birth namePeter Doherty Loeffler
Born (1976-10-19) October 19, 1976 (age 42)
Grayslake, Illinois, US
Occupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1995–present
Labels Epic
Associated acts Chevelle

Pete Loeffler (born October 19, 1976) is a musician, known for his work with the Chicago-area rock band Chevelle, for which he is the lead vocalist and sole guitar player.

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, a style which drew heavily on the genres of blues, rhythm and blues, and from country music. Rock music also drew strongly on a number of other genres such as electric blues and folk, and incorporated influences from jazz, classical and other musical styles. Musically, rock has centered on the electric guitar, usually as part of a rock group with electric bass, drums, and one or more singers. Usually, rock is song-based music usually with a 4/4 time signature using a verse–chorus form, but the genre has become extremely diverse. Like pop music, lyrics often stress romantic love but also address a wide variety of other themes that are frequently social or political.

Chevelle (band) American rock band

Chevelle is an American rock band formed in Grayslake, Illinois in 1995. The band was originally composed of brothers: Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Joe Loeffler. When Joe left the band in 2005, Geno Lenardo subbed-in as the bassist until he was replaced by Pete and Sam's brother-in-law, Dean Bernardini.


Lyrical style and collaborations

Pete tends to write abstract lyrics, but often directs them toward specific and sometimes humorous ideas. The track titled "Get Some" from their third album This Type of Thinking was written as an ode to the greed sparked by the contest American Idol—this was announced by the band onstage at the show of May 25, 2007 at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York. Pete has said that "Forfeit", on the Wonder What's Next album, was written about overaggressive people in concert mosh pits.

<i>This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)</i> 2004 studio album by Chevelle

This Type of Thinking is the third studio album and second major label release by American alternative metal band Chevelle. Peaking at No. 8, it charted higher on the Billboard 200 than its predecessor, Wonder What's Next; however, the album didn't manage to match its predecessor's commercial success, but was certified gold. This Type of Thinking follows generally the same heavy style as Wonder What's Next with popular singles like "Vitamin R" and "The Clincher". It would be the first of two records produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette. This was also the final album featuring bassist Joe Loeffler, who departed from the band in 2005.

<i>American Idol</i> reality game show and singing competition

American Idol is an American singing competition television series created by Simon Fuller, produced by Fremantle USA and 19 Entertainment, and distributed by Fremantle North America. It initially aired on Fox from June 11, 2002, to April 7, 2016, for 15 seasons. Since March 11, 2018, a revival of the series has aired on ABC.

<i>Wonder Whats Next</i> 2002 studio album by Chevelle

Wonder What's Next is the second studio album by American rock band Chevelle, released on October 8, 2002 by Epic Records. Spawning the singles "The Red" and "Send the Pain Below", it proved to be Chevelle's breakthrough album, landing them high-profile tour slots including the main stage of Ozzfest 2003. Having sold over one million copies, Wonder What's Next remains the band's most successful album.

"We gravitate toward making fun of big bruisers. That song 'Forfeit' is all about when there's a mosh pit, you always have that big tough guy out there who's trying to kill people. That song is making fun of those people. It's like, 'Yeah, I want you to jump around. Have a good time. . . . Vent. Go to a show and get lost for an hour or two in the music and enjoy. But don't go out and kick people's butts.'" [1]


From the start of his career to mid 2014, Loeffler used PRS, two of which were custom-built for him. He also uses two PRS Custom 22s, one red (which can be seen in the music video for "Send The Pain Below") and one white custom 24 (his main live guitar) and 2 Custom 24 baritones (one of which is a baritone with red "X's" on the neck as inlays, the other is gold-top). Pete also owns Fender Stratocaster Sub-Sonic Baritones (two were stolen along with the rest of the band's gear on May 9, 2007). In earlier live sets (prior to the band's EP) Pete had played a blue Ibanez RG among other guitars. Pete also reportedly used a Gibson Les Paul for some parts on the 2011 album Hats Off to the Bull. As of recently, Loeffler has switched and favored Fender guitars, taking on the road one of his Sub-sonic Stratocasters, as well as a modified Jim Root Stratocaster. [2]

PRS Guitars American guitar and amplifier manufacturer

PRS Guitars is an American guitar and amplifier manufacturer in Stevensville, Maryland that was founded by luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985. The company is widely known for its hand-made, high end, electric guitars.

Baritone guitar variation on the standard guitar, with a longer scale length

The baritone guitar is a guitar with a longer scale length, typically a larger body, and heavier internal bracing, so it can be tuned to a lower pitch. Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, ESP Guitars, PRS Guitars, Music Man, Danelectro, Schecter, Jerry Jones Guitars, Burns London and many other companies have produced electric baritone guitars since the 1960s, although always in small numbers due to low popularity. Tacoma, Santa Cruz, Taylor, Martin, Alvarez Guitars and others have made acoustic baritone guitars.

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

The Fender Stratocaster is a model of electric guitar designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has continuously manufactured the Stratocaster from 1954 to the present. It is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top "horn" shape for balance. Along with the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster, it is one of the most-often emulated electric guitar shapes. "Stratocaster" and "Strat" are trademark terms belonging to Fender. Guitars that duplicate the Stratocaster by other manufacturers are usually called S-Type or ST-type guitars.

As of 2014, his pedalboard currently consists of these effect pedals: [2]

Equalization (audio)

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In music, tremolo, or tremolando, is a trembling effect. There are two types of tremolo.

Dunlop Cry Baby wah-wah pedal manufactured by Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc

The Dunlop Cry Baby is a popular wah-wah pedal, manufactured by Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. The name Cry Baby was from the original pedal from which it was copied, the Thomas Organ/Vox Cry Baby wah-wah, first manufactured in 1966. Thomas Organ/Vox failed to register the name as a trademark, leaving it open for Dunlop. More recently, Dunlop manufactured the Vox pedals under licence, although this is no longer the case.

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The musical equipment used by the members of Rush have changed many times over the years. The following is a catalog of the gear they have used or are currently using.

Letter from a Thief 2009 single by Chevelle

"Letter from a Thief" is the second single from Chevelle's album, Sci-Fi Crimes. It was released on December 7, 2009. Chevelle originally debuted this track on April 9, 2009 at a concert in Atlanta. Frontman Pete Loeffler said the song is about a personal experience for the band when their gear was stolen in Dallas, and his prized red PRS guitar seen in the video for "Send the Pain Below" was stolen, along with the rest of the band's gear, and returned by a man in California who returned the guitar to PRS after learning it was Loeffler's.

"Door to Door Cannibals" is the opening track on Chevelle's eighth studio album, The North Corridor. The song was released as the second single from the album on October 3, 2016.


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