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Philippe Agostini was a French cinematographer, director and screenwriter born 11 August 1910 in Paris (France), died 20 October 2001. He was married to Odette Joyeux until the end of her life.



Founder of École Louis-Lumière (situated on rue de Vaugirard), Philippe Agostini debuted as assistant to the chief operators Georges Périnal and Armand Thirard. [1] In the 1930s, he began a fruitful career as director of photography, working with directors with such differing styles as Robert Bresson, Marcel Carné, Max Ophüls, Claude Autant-Lara, Jean Grémillon, Yves Allégret, Jules Dassin and even Julien Duvivier. His career as a director was much less remarkable.


As cinematographer

As director

As screenwriter


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