Pilgrims of the Night

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Pilgrims of the Night
Pilgrims of the Night (1921) - 8.jpg
Directed by Edward Sloman
Written by E. Phillips Oppenheim (novel)
Edward Sloman
Starring Lewis Stone
Rubye De Remer
William V. Mong
Cinematography Tony Gaudio
J.L. Frothingham Productions
Distributed by Associated Producers
Release date
September 26, 1921
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States
English intertitles

Pilgrims of the Night is a 1921 American drama film directed by Edward Sloman and starring Lewis Stone, Rubye De Remer and William V. Mong. [1] It is based on the 1910 novel Passers-By by the British writer E. Phillips Oppenheim.



After serving a prison term to protect his wife, an English aristocrat goes into exile in Paris where he becomes involved with a shady gambling organisation.


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