Pissing Razors

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Pissing Razors
Origin El Paso, Texas, USA
Genres Groove metal
Years active1994–2004, 2014–present
MembersEddy Garcia
Mat Lynch
Joe Rodriguez
Geo Gomez
Past membersDanny Garcia
Dave "Loco" McNutt
Rick Valles
Cesar Soto
Jason Bragg
Matt Difabio
Andre Acosta
Dave McNutt

Pissing Razors is an American groove metal band originally formed in 1996.

Groove metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music. Music journalists and fans have used groove metal to describe Pantera, Exhorder and Machine Head. At its core, groove metal takes the intensity and sonic qualities of thrash metal and plays them at mid-tempo, with most bands making only occasional forays into fast tempo.



The band was started by brothers Eddy & Danny Garcia in the early 1990s and was originally named "Back Door Cyclops." They then changed their name after a coined phrase thought up by the original vocalist, Dave McNutt, after he contracted "the clap" and described the pain.

In the late 1990s, McNutt quit and Joe Rodriguez was brought on. A short time later, drummer Danny Garcia decided to move from El Paso, TX to New York City, NY. and Eddie took this opportunity to switch from playing guitar to drums while Matt Lynch moved from bass to guitar. This left the group with a spot for a new bassist. Rick Valles, a long time guitarist who used to be part of another band with Joe Rodriguez was then hired as the new bassist. This line-up proved to be progressive as the four began to work on new material.

In 1997, after submitting countless demos to record labels across the US, the band was signed to German/Los Angeles-based Noise Records and released their self-titled CD the following year. Five more albums were released in the band's four-year existence and the band got the opportunity to participate in several festivals and shows across the world. In 2000, the band was asked to contribute a song for a Pantera tribute album, entitled "Panther: A Tribute To Pantera" from Eclipse Records. They provided the opening track, "Domination". Shortly after their first major tour, Mat Lynch decided to depart the band as the toll of being away from his wife and child grew heavy and the band's financial situation had not improved since the contract with Noise Records. The band would recruit then-guitar tech for Lynch, Cesar "Achmex" Soto into his place. This only made sense, as Soto was already familiar with the material and was open to extended time away from home and did not have a family to support. The band continued writing material for the "Fields Of Disbelief" album where Soto's classical style contributed to the now modified sound of the band. Later in 2000, singer Joe Rodriguez quit the band as well, due to his growing family and financial needs. The band at this point were still proving their worth to the label and were not generating sufficient income despite the low cost of living in far west Texas. Joe was replaced by Jason "Dewey" Bragg from California who again was from another unsigned band and did not have a family to support. Bragg who only recorded on the 2001 album "Where We Come From", left shortly afterwards due to conflicting personalities that were not discovered until they were on the "Where We Come From" tour. Jason Bragg was quickly replaced by a local vocalist from El Paso; Andre Acosta who had not worked with any signed bands in addition to not having any touring experience. Some say this was a missed opportunity to hire a seasoned member who could help level off the group's lineup changes while providing insight to the music business. By this time, the band had gained some traction and could attract talent from other bands on the same level. Andre's studio test and first contribution to the band would be the live album "Live in the Devil's Triangle", titled after the nickname given to the area of town where Eddie Garcia grew up in and featured the band's actual touring RV on the cover. Despite the recording being marketed as a live performance, the recording was done in the same studio that the first unsigned release was recorded in with a few close friends providing the "live crowd" sounds.

2002 brought yet another detrimental line-up change when Cesar "Achmex" Soto abruptly quit the band in October due to the everlasting financial issues of the band. The band was still not generating enough income to support the band and all of the other members were working part-time/seasonal jobs when not on tour. Cesar contacted the widely popular at the time Roadrunner Records site; Blabbermouth.net to publicly announce his departure even though he was asked to keep it under wraps as the remaining partners (Eddie & Rick) figured out the band's next step. Shortly after, it was announced on the same site that he had joined fellow ex-members of the band; Matt Lynch and Joe Rodriguez in a new unsigned and short lived project. Before the end of the year, founding members; Eddy and Rick contracted Matt Difabio, from Langhorne, PA as Soto's replacement. Difabio, was also involved in leading a band of his own as well as his own local small business. Difabio & Acosta contributed to the 2003 "Evolution" CD. The band then followed the release with a short tour that confirmed their 15 minutes were up as each show only sold a fraction of the tickets they had sold only a year before. In 2004, Pissing Razors quietly disbanded following the less than enthusiastic response of the band's final record "Evolution".

Some blame the constant lineup changes, bad management and the lack of talent that would take the music seriously ultimately contributed to their down fall.

In 2014, Pissing Razors announced an attempt to "put the band back together" on social media. Despite the fact that the rehash involved founding members; Eddie, Matt, and Joe, Rick Valles decided to not participate in this regroup and thus they were forced to start in the same manner they left off in ten years prior, with new and inexperienced talent. Since the attempt, the band has not produced any new material, has not had any attention by a record label and has only done a few shows here and there.

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