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Practical Horseman is an American equestrian magazine that focuses on English-style riding, most notably hunter/jumpers as well as dressage and eventing.


History and profile

The magazine was founded in 1973 with the name The Pennsylvania Horse. [1] It was formerly published by Cowles Magazines [2] and part of Cowles Enthusiast Titles. [3] In 1998 Primedia bought the company and also, the magazine. [3] The magazine was published by the Equine Network, a subsidiary of Source Interlink, [4] until 2010 when it was acquired by Active Interest Media. [5] In 2021, Active Interest Media sold its Equine Network properties to Growth Catalyst Partners. [6] Practical Horseman was formerly headquartered in Unionville, Pennsylvania. [7] Its headquarters is in Gaithersburg, Maryland. [8]

Known as the "English rider's #1 resource," the magazine has monthly [7] articles on training, riding, turnout of the horse, equine medical issues, profiles of riders, and reviews and results of national and international competitions. The website of the magazine was launched in 2008. [4]


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Jack Louis Joseph Marie Le Goff was a French equestrian, best known as the coach of the American three-day eventing team from 1970 to 1984. He coached the team to multiple international championships, winning 18 international medals, including several in the Olympics. Le Goff is known for having a large impact on the American eventing world, and the era in which he coached has been called the golden era for American equestrianism.

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Paul D. Cronin is an American horseman, riding instructor, and author. He studied under Vladimir Littauer for 30 years, and teaches Littauer's forward seat riding system. His book Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse (2004) was intended to be a modern and updated version of Littauer's Commonsense Horsemanship. In it, Cronin detailed the history of the American forward seat riding system, gave advice on training young and green horses, and outlined a three-part system based on controls, position and schooling.

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Denny Emerson is an American equestrian. He is the only equestrian to have won both an international gold medal in eventing and a Tevis Cup buckle in endurance. In 1972, Emerson was named United States Eventing Association's Rider of the Year. He was a member of the United States Three Day Eventing Team that won the gold medal at the 1974 Eventing World Championships. As of 2015, Emerson operates as a clinician and trainer. He is a regular contributor to The Chronicle of the Horse's "Between Rounds" column. He and his wife, May Emerson, run Tamarack Hill Farms in Strafford, Vermont and Southern Pines, North Carolina.


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