R.E.X. Records

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R.E.X. Records
Founded1987 (1987)
FounderDoug Mann, Gavin Morkel
Defunct1995 (1995)
Distributor(s) Diamante Music Group, Light Distribution
Genre Christian metal
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew Jersey [1]
Chicago, Illinois
Nashville, Tennessee

R.E.X. Records, also known as R.E.X. Music, was an independent record label founded by Doug Mann and Gavin Morkel, [2] which operated from 1987 until running into financial difficulty in 1995. [3] Operations were based in Chicago until 1990 when the company moved to Nashville. [4] The label was artistic in nature, and though they were especially active in the Christian metal genre some acts (such as Circle of Dust) were also marketed to mainstream audiences. [2] Sublabels included Storyville Records and Street Level Records, founded by Randy Stonehill. [5]



In Christian markets their records were distributed by the Diamante Music Group until 1995 when they switched to Light Distribution (see Light Records), by then a division of Platinum Entertainment. [5] In general markets they were distributed by RED. By 1996 R.E.X was experiencing layoffs and looking for a buyer. Platinum acquired the label in July 1996. [6]

In 1997 R.E.X. sued Platinum for breach of contract, asserting that Platinum had not properly distributed their product and had misrepresented their financial position in the buyout. [6]

For a short time R.E.X. provided distribution for Jesus People USA's Grrr Records. [7] Employee Alex Parker left and began Flying Tart in 1990. Founder Doug Mann took a position with ForeFront Records in April 1993. [1] [8]


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