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Origin Chicago, Illinois
Genres Progressive metal, glam metal, hard rock
Years active1979 [1] - 1991
Labels R.E.X. Records

Trytan is a Christian progressive / glam metal / hard rock band from Chicago, Illinois, musically similar to Rush. [2] The band was ministry oriented, and had what Christian music critic John J. Thompson characterized as a significant impact on their scene. [3]



Their second demo (1987) was reworked for release by R.E.X. Records under the name Celestial Messenger. It featured a metal sound typical of the hair era of metal. [4] Their debut's lyrics also reflect their ministry orientation, one stated that the band wrote about "getting closer to God and not rejecting the Truth." [5] The album became a classic for fans of Christian metal and was subject to an illegal re-release in 1998. [6] The legal 2000 re-release of Celestial Messenger features a bonus of three remastered tracks [2] as well as material from an early demo a bonus. [6]

Their second album, Sylentiger, was released in 1990. It featured a harder sound and lyrics which the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music characterised as presenting a need for salvation with a viewpoint from arminian theology. [6] In retrospect HM magazine editor Doug Van Pelt found the record to be disappointing compared to their debut. [2]

Trytan disbanded in the early 1990s. Lary Dean started a ministry in 1991 which had evolved into the Heart Maneuvers Christian Fellowship church by 1993. [7] Scott Blackman, drummer on Celestial Messenger, eventually became an associate pastor there. Lary Dean continued to work in the Chicago music scene. [7]

As of July 2020, Trytan has reformed, and is currently finishing up work on a new album entitled "Blood Of Kings"



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