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The Railway Gazette Group is a family of print and online business publications for the world rail transport industry. It is part of DVV Media UK, based at Sutton, London, and forms part of the Hamburg-based Deutsche Verkehrs Verlag international publishing group.

Rail transport Conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks

Rail transport is a means of transferring of passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, also known as tracks. It is also commonly referred to as train transport. In contrast to road transport, where vehicles run on a prepared flat surface, rail vehicles are directionally guided by the tracks on which they run. Tracks usually consist of steel rails, installed on ties (sleepers) and ballast, on which the rolling stock, usually fitted with metal wheels, moves. Other variations are also possible, such as slab track, where the rails are fastened to a concrete foundation resting on a prepared subsurface.

Sutton, London town in South London, England

Sutton is the principal town of the London Borough of Sutton in South London, England. It lies on the lower slopes of the North Downs, and is the administrative headquarters of the borough. It is 10.7 miles (17.2 km) south-south west of Charing Cross, and is one of the thirteen metropolitan centres in the London Plan.

Hamburg City in Germany

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany with a population of over 1.8 million.

<i>Railway Gazette International</i> magazine

Railway Gazette International is a monthly business journal covering the railway, metro, light rail and tram industries worldwide. Available by annual subscription, the magazine is read in over 140 countries by transport professionals and decision makers, railway managers, engineers, consultants and suppliers to the rail industry. A mix of technical, commercial and geographical feature articles, plus the regular monthly news pages, cover developments in all aspects of the rail industry, including infrastructure, operations, rolling stock and signalling.

<i>Rail Business Intelligence</i> magazine

Rail Business Intelligence is a fortnightly subscription newsletter for senior managers, investors, lawyers, contractors, consultants, local authorities, trade unionists, manufacturers and service providers working in the United Kingdom's rail industry. It is published every second Thursday as a printed magazine and also in PDF electronic format. Alongside contributions from Editor Robert Preston and Founding Editor Roger Ford the main Contributing Editors are Murray Hughes, Nick Kingsley and Tony Miles.

<i>Metro Report International</i>

Metro Report International is a quarterly business journal for urban transport professionals which covers the metro, light rail, tram and commuter rail industries worldwide. It includes news and articles looking at city transport around the world, with maps and project data. Coverage of the rolling stock market includes detailed listings of metro car and low-floor tram orders.

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MTR Corporation Limited is a Hong Kong company listed on the Hong Kong Exchange, and a component of Hang Seng Index. MTR runs Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway (MTR), and is also a major property developer and landlord in Hong Kong. It also invests in railways in different parts in the world, and has obtained contracts to operate rapid transit systems in London, Stockholm, Beijing, Hangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Adtranz company

ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation, commonly known under its brand ADtranz, was a multi-national rail transport equipment manufacturer with facilities concentrated in Europe and the US.

Keolis is a Franco-Québécois private operator of public transport. The company manages bus, metro, tramways and coach networks, rental bikes, car parks, boat shuttles, cable cars, trolleybuses and airport services.

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles company

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles is a Spanish publicly-listed company which manufactures railway vehicles and equipment and buses through its Solaris Bus & Coach subsidiary. It is based in Beasain, Basque Autonomous Community. Equipment manufactured by Grupo CAF includes light rail vehicles, rapid transit trains, railroad cars and locomotives, as well as variable gauge axles that can be fitted on any existing truck or bogie.

Stadler Rail, is a Swiss manufacturer of railway rolling stock, with an emphasis on regional train multiple units and trams. It is headquartered in Bussnang, Switzerland.

UGL Rail is an Australian rail company specialising in building, maintaining and refurbishing diesel locomotives, diesel & electric multiple units and freight wagons. It is a subsidiary of UGL Limited and is based in Melbourne, with a staff of 1,200 across Australia and Asia. It operates factories in Broadmeadow, Chullora, Spotswood and Bassendean. While it used to operate a factory in Taree, the plant has currently shut down and the equipment sold off.

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Chinese rolling stock manufacturer

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. is a Chinese rolling stock manufacturer and a division of the CRRC. While the CRV emerged in 2002, the company's roots date back to the establishment of the Changchun Car Company in 1954. The company became a division of CNR Corporation before its merger with CSR to form the present CRRC. It has produced a variety of rolling stock for customers in China and abroad, including locomotives, passenger cars, multiple units, rapid transit and light rail vehicles. It has established technology transfer partnerships with several foreign railcar manufacturers, including Bombardier Transportation, Alstom, and Siemens Mobility.

CRRC Tangshan rolling stock manufacturer

CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of rolling stock located in Tangshan, Hebei province, People's Republic of China. While Datong built mainline steam locomotives until 1988, Tangshan built steam for industrial use until 1999, becoming the last works in the world to build steam for non-tourist use.

Medium-capacity rail system

A medium-capacity system (MCS) is a rail transport system with a capacity greater than light rail, but less than typical heavy-rail rapid transit. It is also known as light metro or light rapid transit.

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited construction company

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited is a state-owned construction enterprise based in Beijing, China, that is the second largest construction and engineering company in the world by revenue in 2014

Keolis Downer Australian transportation company

Keolis Downer is a joint venture between Keolis, the largest private sector French transport group, and Downer Rail, an Australian railway engineering company, that operates bus and tram services in Australia.

Mecca Metro

The Mecca Metro or Makkah Metro is a planned four-line metro system for the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, constructed by China Railway Construction Corporation and run by Makkah Mass Rail Transit Company (MMRTC). The metro forms part of the 62-billion-riyal Makkah Public Transport Programme (MPTP), which will include integrated bus services.

Mashhad Urban Railway rapid transit urban rail line in Mashhad, Iran

Mashhad Urban Railway is a rapid transit urban rail line in Mashhad, Iran. It is the second rapid transit system in Iran. The project has been known by a number of terms, including "light rail" or "light metro" and "urban rail" or "metro", though the system's full-grade separation from traffic and five-minute headway fully qualify it as a rapid transit or "metro" system. Mashhad Urban Railway operates its line 1 from 6 to 22:00 daily. Construction of the second line which is a metro line is ongoing. Limited operation of the first phase of line 2, with 10.1 kilometres (6.3 mi) and 9 stations, had just begun in Feb 2017. tunnel excavation of the first phase of line 3 was started in 2015.

There are as of 2015, no operational railways in Mauritius. A system existed from the 1860s to the 1960s. In 1956 the Mauritius Government Railways had 146 km (91 mi) of 1,435 mm track and 47 locomotives.

South Wales Metro

The South Wales Metro is a proposed integration of heavy rail and development of light rail and bus-based public transport services and systems in South East Wales around the hub of Cardiff Central. The first phase was approved for development in October 2013.