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Robert Paquette
Robert Paquette La Nuit sur l'etang.jpg
Paquette at La Nuit sur l'étang, in March 2013.
Background information
Born1949 (age 7071)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Genres Folk

Robert Paquette (born July 2, 1949) is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter. [1]

In 1970, he worked with the theatre group at Laurentian University, composing songs for the franco-ontarian stage musical Moé, j'viens du nord, 'stie!. [1] The troupe eventually evolved into the city's Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario. He released his first album as a solo musical artist in 1974, and toured Quebec, Canada, and the United States. He performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in 1975.

In 1978, Paquette represented Canada at the Festival de Spa in Belgium. [1]

Following his 1984 album Gare à vous, Paquette concentrated on television and stage work for TVOntario's Chaîne française, SRC and the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario. [1] He released a compilation of his songs in 1995. He also frequently tours with Chuck Labelle, and toured with Marcel Aymar and Paul Demers in the 1990s as the performing group Paquette-Aymar-Demers. [2]


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