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The Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (SSHL) was a senior amateur ice hockey league that operated in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan on-and-off from 1938-1971.



Before the 1938-39 season there were Northern and Southern leagues in the province. They merged in 1938 to form the one provincial league. The championship team went on in the Allan Cup as Saskatchewan's representative. In 1941 the Regina Rangers won the SSHL's only Allan Cup title.

The league carried on through most of World War II but disbanded in 1944-45 because of a shortage of players and the difficulty of travelling. From 1945-46 through 1949-50 senior teams in Regina and Saskatoon joined up with Calgary and Edmonton to form the Western Canada Senior Hockey League (WCSHL). The SSHL lay dormant until 1950 when the WCSHL moved up to the major level and competed for the Alexander Cup.

The SSHL was revived for 1950-51, again sending its champions to the Allan Cup playoffs, but only lasted until 1954-55. The Western Hockey League (WHL) operated in the province and the SSHL could not compete. It started up again in 1958-59 after the WHL left the province and operated until 1964-65. In 1965 the teams again merged with teams from Alberta to form a revived Western Canada Senior Hockey League. This new league lasted for two seasons when the teams again split on provincial lines.

The SSHL started up again in 1967-68 and lasted until 1971 when another merger formed the Prairie Senior Hockey League.

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Western Hockey League Sports league

The Western Hockey League (WHL) is a major junior ice hockey league based in Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. The WHL is one of three leagues that constitutes the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) as the highest level of junior hockey in Canada. Teams play for the Ed Chynoweth Cup, with the winner moving on to play for the Memorial Cup, Canada's national junior championship. WHL teams have won the Memorial Cup 19 times since the league became eligible to compete for the trophy. Many players have been drafted from WHL teams, and have found success at various levels of professional hockey, including the National Hockey League (NHL).

William Dickenson Hunter, was a Canadian ice hockey player, general manager and coach. Hunter was involved in hockey, Canadian football, baseball, softball and curling, but he is best known for founding the Western Hockey League (WHL), being a key player in the upstart World Hockey Association (WHA) and for his efforts to bring professional hockey to previously overlooked Western Canadian cities, especially in Edmonton and (unsuccessfully) in Saskatoon.

Flin Flon Bombers Ice hockey team

The Flin Flon Bombers are a junior ice hockey team based in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. They are affiliated with the Canadian Junior Hockey League as a member of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL). Their home rink is the Whitney Forum. Radio station CFAR live broadcasts a select number of home and away games throughout the year as well as all playoff games.

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The Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL) is a collegiate summer baseball league based in Saskatchewan and Alberta that descends from leagues dating to 1931.

Doug Bentley Canadian ice hockey player

Douglas Wagner Bentley was a Canadian ice hockey left winger who played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Chicago Black Hawks and New York Rangers as part of a senior and professional career that spanned nearly three decades. He was named to four NHL All-Star Teams in his career and was the scoring leader in points and goals in 1942–43 and again in goals in 1943–44.

The Western Canada Senior Hockey League was a senior ice hockey league that played six seasons in Alberta and Saskatchewan, from 1945 to 1951. The league produced the 1946 Allan Cup and the 1948 Allan Cup champions, and merged into the Pacific Coast Hockey League for the 1951–52 season.

Estevan Bruins Ice hockey team in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Estevan Bruins are a junior ice hockey team playing in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL). The team is based in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, and plays at Affinity Place.

Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is a Junior A ice hockey league under Hockey Canada, a part of the Canadian Junior Hockey League. Open to North American-born players 20 years of age or younger, the SJHL's 12 teams play in three divisions: the Olympic Buildings, Sherwood and Viterra Divisions. A major attraction in Saskatchewan, the SJHL draws 400,000 fans each season. The winner of the SJHL playoffs continues on to play in the ANAVET Cup against the champion from the MJHL, for the right to represent the Western region at the Centennial Cup, the national Junior A championship.

The Prairie Hockey League (PHL) was a Canadian professional ice hockey league in Alberta and Saskatchewan that was created following the demise of the Western Hockey League in 1926. It operated for two seasons.

The 1966–67 CMJHL season was the inaugural season of the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League. It was formed by five members of the former Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League along with the Edmonton Oil Kings and the Calgary Buffaloes and was considered an "outlaw league" by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association.

The Athol Murray Trophy is a Canadian ice hockey series to determine the Saskatchewan Junior B championship and seed of the Keystone Cup - the Western Canada Junior "B" Hockey Crown.

Al Pickard Canadian ice hockey administrator

Allan Wilfrid Pickard was a Canadian ice hockey administrator, who served as president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) from 1947 to 1950. When Canada opted out of the 1947 Ice Hockey World Championships and decided not to participate in the 1948 Winter Olympics, Pickard felt that Canada was obliged to send a team due to its place as a top hockey nation, and nominated the Ottawa RCAF Flyers who won the gold medal for Canada and lived up to the requirements of the Olympic Oath as amateurs. Despite disagreement with the International Olympic Committee, he sought for the International Ice Hockey Federation to adopt the CAHA definition of amateur in the face of increasing difficulty in selecting the Canada men's national ice hockey team.

The Saskatoon Quakers were an ice hockey team that was based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The team existed from 1945 until 1959, and again from 1965–1971, playing in various senior and minor professional leagues during that time. The Quakers represented Canada in 1934 World Ice Hockey Championships held in Milan, Italy where they won Gold. In 1952, they captured the President's Cup as Pacific Coast Hockey League champions.

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The Prairie Gold Lacrosse League, formally known as the Saskatchewan Major Box Lacrosse League (2001-03), is a Junior B box lacrosse league in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sport in Saskatchewan includes ice skating, speed skating, curling, curling bonspiels, snowboarding, snow golf, broomball, ice hockey, badminton, and curling. Summer sports abound: among these are school track and field days, community rodeos, golf tournaments, and sporting events such as baseball, softball, and snowmobile, snowmobile rallies. School teams usually feature baseball, basketball, field hockey, Association football or soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, and wrestling. Popular individual sports include auto racing, boxing, cycling, golf, hiking, horse racing, ice skating, skateboarding, skiing, swimming, tennis, triathlon, track and field, and water sports. Other sports include tobogganing, sailing, rowing, trap shooting, lawn bowling, and horseshoe. Saskatchewan speed skaters have enjoyed recent success in the Olympics in Salt Lake City and Turin. The Saskatchewan Olympic medalists include Catriona Le May Doan, Jason Parker and Justin Warsylewicz.

The Prairie Senior Hockey League was a senior amateur ice hockey league in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan for the 1971-72 season. Mateo was the league MVP

Robert John McLeod is a Canadian former professional hockey player, and coach of the Canada men's national ice hockey team. He played for the New York Rangers and won the 1961 World Ice Hockey Championships.

Roderick Neil "Scotty" Munro was a Canadian ice hockey coach. Munro was a key part of the team that formed the Western Hockey League (WHL) in 1972 with Bill Hunter, Ben Hatskin, and Ed Chynoweth.

Jack Hamilton (sports executive) Canadian sports executive

John Welch Hamilton was a Canadian sports executive. He served as president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) from 1930 to 1932, president of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada from 1936 to 1938, and was a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee for 17 years. His leadership of the CAHA and the AAU of C coincided with efforts to maintain amateurism and combat growing professionalism in sport. He appointed a committee to establish better relations between the CAHA and professional leagues, and praised the players and teams for quality hockey and growth of the amateur game in Canada despite the competition. He favoured professionals in one sport playing as amateurs in another, and took charge of the AAU of C at a time when the CAHA, the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association, and the Canadian Amateur Lacrosse Association challenged the definition of amateur, and later broke away from the AAU of C which wanted to hold onto purist ideals of amateurism.


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