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Selphie Bong (born 4 March 1987 in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia), was one of the youngest successful Indonesian designer. Her parents name Sutomo Bong and Suriafi, her two sibling is Selly Bong and Selvany Bong.

Bandar Lampung City in Lampung, Indonesia

Bandar Lampung is the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of Lampung. Located on the southern tip of Sumatra, Bandar Lampung is the third most-populous city in the island after Medan and Palembang. The city was originally called Tanjungkarang–Telukbetung, since it was a unification of two major settlements in Lampung, before being renamed in 1983. As a gate of Sumatra from Java, Bandar Lampung is a culturally diverse city.

Indonesia Republic in Southeast Asia

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is the world's largest island country, with more than seventeen thousand islands, and at 1,904,569 square kilometres, the 14th largest by land area and the 7th largest in combined sea and land area. With over 261 million people, it is the world's 4th most populous country as well as the most populous Muslim-majority country. Java, the world's most populous island, contains more than half of the country's population.


She joined a few fashion week and designed for Beauty Pageant contestant right after her graduation show. She was attached with Eco Chic organization in Hong Kong, she was the only Indonesian designer who was picked to be haute couture designer in the Year of Biodiversity in 2010 in Geneva by United Nations among with the other prime international designer such as Diane von Fürstenberg, Reem Alasadi, John Rocha and many more. Her designed was worn by many international speaker, and actresses.

Hong Kong East Asian city

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a special administrative region on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in southern China. With over 7.4 million people of various nationalities in a 1,104-square-kilometre (426 sq mi) territory, Hong Kong is the world's fourth most densely populated region.

<i>Haute couture</i> term used to describe the creation of exclusive, custom-fitted clothing

Haute couture is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers - often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Couture translates literally from French as "dressmaking" but may also refer to fashion, sewing, or needlework and is also used as a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit. Haute translates literally to "high". A haute couture garment is always made for an individual client, tailored specifically for the wearer's measurements and body stance. Considering the amount of time, money, and skill allotted to each completed piece, haute couture garments are also described as having no price tag: budget is not relevant.

Geneva Place in Switzerland

Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of the Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Situated where the Rhône exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

She moved to Jakarta in the 2008 to open a custom-made studio, then she opened the first controversial boutique in Ubud, Bali 9 September 2009. Her design was too glamorous to be sold in Ubud. She now owned a few stores own privately, which mainly located in Bali.

Jakarta Special Capital Region in Indonesia

Jakarta, officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Located on the northwest coast of the world's most populous island Java, it is the centre of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia, with a population of 10,075,310 as of 2014. Jakarta metropolitan area has an area of 6,392 square kilometers, which is known as Jabodetabek. It is the world's second largest urban agglomeration with a population of 30,214,303 as of 2010. Jakarta is predicted to reach 35.6 million people by 2030 to become the world's biggest megacity. Jakarta's business opportunities, as well as its potential to offer a higher standard of living, attract migrants from across the Indonesian archipelago, combining many communities and cultures.

Ubud Place in Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali in Ubud District, located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. Promoted as an arts and culture centre, it has developed a large tourism industry.

Bali Province in Indonesia

Bali is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Located east of Java and west of Lombok, the province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighbouring islands, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. The provincial capital, Denpasar, is the most populous city in the Lesser Sunda Islands and the second largest, after Makassar, in Eastern Indonesia. Bali is the only Hindu-majority province in Indonesia, with 83.5% of the population adhering to Balinese Hinduism.

Selphie Bong was noted as one of the top 15 fashion designer in Indonesia and was called the Indonesian Christian Dior. [1]

Christian Dior French fashion designer

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer, best known as the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses, also called Christian Dior, which is now owned by Groupe Arnault. His fashion houses are now all around the world.

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Elisabeth Findlay is a New Zealand fashion designer. She co-founded the fashion house Zambesi with her husband, Neville Findlay, in 1979.

Angela Lindvall American model

Angela Lindvall is an American model and actress. Lindvall was discovered by an IMG scout when she was 14 years old, and immediately signed with IMG New York. She took a break from modeling returning when she was 17 years. She was featured on the cover of Italian Vogue in 1997, photographed by Steven Meisel. She was featured on many top magazine covers in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Maria Claire, Numero, W, i-D, V and so on. And during the peak of her long career, she was always the world's top designers' favourite, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada, Stella McCartney. She was a Prada Girl and a Chanel Girl. She has worked as the face of Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Versace, DKNY, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Missoni, Jil Sander, and Jimmy Choo. As an actress, she has appeared in several films, including CQ in 2001 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005 and Small Apartments in 2010. She was the host of the fashion reality series Project Runway: All Stars, an extension of the popular series Project Runway.

Nadya Hutagalung Australian VJ

Nadya Yuti Hutagalung is an Indonesian-Australian model and actress who was one of the first VJs on MTV Asia (1995), TV host, VJ for the USA MTV, MediaWorks artiste, painter and jewellery designer. Born on 28 July 1974 in Sydney, her father, Ricky, born 1951, is an Indonesian of Batak descent from Tarutung, and her mother, Dianne, born 1950, is an Australian.

Adrianus Wilhelmus "Arie" Smit was a Dutch-born Indonesian painter who lived on Bali.

Balinese art art of Hindu-Javanese origin that grew from the works of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 14th century. Ubud and its neighboring villages are the center of Balinese art.

Balinese art is art of Hindu-Javanese origin that grew from the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 14th century. From the sixteenth until the twentieth centuries, the village of Kamasan, Klungkung, was the centre of classical Balinese art. During the first part of the twentieth century, new varieties of Balinese art developed. Since the late twentieth century, Ubud and its neighboring villages established a reputation as the center of Balinese art.

Museum Rudana

Museum Rudana or Rudana Art Museum is an art museum in Peliatan, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It was built by Nyoman Rudana, following the concept of the Bali humanist philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, where art makes a contribution to public wellbeing.

Nyoman Rudana is a former member of the Regional Representatives Council of Indonesia. He is also the founder and owner of Museum Rudana, Rudana Fine Art Gallery and Genta Fine Art Gallery, and founder of artist support organizations in Ubud, Bali.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Mandala Suci Wenara Wana or well known as Monkey Forest Ubud is the sanctuary or natural habitat of Balinese long tailed Monkey, in scientific called Macaca fascicularis. It is located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. About 749 monkeys live in this sanctuary. They are divided into 6 groups, namely in front of main temple group, forest conservation group, central point group, eastern group, Michelin group, and cemeteries group. We also divided the monkey into age categorized are 63 adult male, 34 Subadult male, 219 Adult female, 29 Subadult female, 167 juveniles 1, 118 juveniles 2, 63 Infant old and 56 infant. Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud is the famous tourist attraction in Ubud. In every month there around 120.000 of visitor comes to Monkey Forest Ubud. The Monkey Forest Ubud has 186 species of the plan and tree in 12,5 hectares of the forest. The Monkey Forest Ubud has 3 temples inside namely Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, Holy Spring Temple and Prajapati Temple. The owner of this place is Padangtegal community and managed by Mandala Suci Wenara Wana Management. The purpose of the management is to keep the sacred of the place and promote the Monkey Forest Ubud will be featured of international tourist destination.

Antonio Blanco (painter) painter

Antonio Maria Blanco was a painter of Spanish and American descent.

Oka Rusmini is an Indonesian poet and novelist. She is a recipient of the S.E.A. Write Award.

Sebastian Gunawan is an Indonesian high-fashion designer.

Obin, real name Josephine Komara, is a textile designer from Indonesia. She is sometimes called a "national treasure" due to her passion for and promotion of traditional Indonesian batik techniques. Her work has achieved worldwide recognition, with fellow Indonesian designers such as Edward Hutabarat and Ghea Panggabean describing her as the real authority and leader of the mid-2000s movement to update and modernise batik. Despite this, Obin describes herself as simply a tukang kain, or vendor of cloth, stating that the genuine artists and designers are the craftsmen who make the textiles retailed through Bin House, her business.

Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra is an Indonesian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Indonesia 2012, the first Balinese ever to win the pageant. She represented Indonesia at the Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. She also joined The Apartment in the 3rd Series of The Apartment. Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra and Jennifer Sumia were placed fifth overall, won one challenge, at the bottom two twice, and were eliminated in the Family Room Challenge.

Mila Hermanovski is an American costume designer and fashion designer best known for modernist womenswear.

Fashion in South Korea

In recent years, fashion in South Korea has greatly evolved due to inspirations from the Western culture, wealth, and social media practices, as well as the country's developing economy.

Peggy Hartanto is an Indonesian fashion designer. She is the creative director of her eponymous ready-to-wear label Peggy Hartanto, which she co-founded in 2012.


A wantilan is a Balinese pavilion (bale) used for activities involving large crowd. A wantilan is the largest type of bale in Balinese architecture. A wantilan is basically a large wall-less hall placed under a large multi-tiered roof. A wantilan as a public building is usually located at a village's main square or main junction and functioned as an open hall to hold large community activities such as meeting halls or a public musical gamelan performance. A wantilan is also a religious building, an integral part of Balinese temples used to hold the Balinese cockfighting ceremony.

May Myat Waso is a Burmese fashion designer. She is one of the founders of the Fashion Designers Entrepreneur Association, founded in 2010.

Kristine de Bagration-Mukhrani Georgian princess

Princess Kristine de Bagration-Mukhrani is a Georgian sociologist, fashion model, and former beauty pageant contestant. She is a member of the House of Mukhrani, a branch of the Bagrationi dynasty, through her marriage to Prince Juan de Bagration-Mukhrani.