Seville Marathon

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Seville Marathon
Location Seville, Spain
Event typeRoad
Distance Marathon
Primary sponsor Zurich
Course recordsMen: 2:04:46
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Mekuant Ayenew (2020)
Women: 2:23:13
Flag of Uganda.svg Juliet Chekwel (2020)
Official site Seville Marathon
Participants10,316 (2020)
9,154 (2019)

The Zurich Seville Marathon is a marathon held annually in the streets of Seville since 1985. It is organized by the department of sports of the town hall and sponsored by both public and private organizations. It was used as a host of the 1999 World Championships in Athletics marathon event. In 2018 was for the first time selected as a Gold Label Road Race by IAAF.


The women's course record (2:24:25) was set by Ethiopian Gutemi Shone in 2019, men's (2:06:36) was set in 2019 too by Ethiopian Ayana Tsedat.


Key:  Course record

YearMen's winnerTime (h:m:s)Women's winnerTime (h:m:s)
2020Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Mekuant Ayenew  (ETH)2:04:46Flag of Uganda.svg  Juliet Chekwel  (UGA)2:23:13
2019Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ayana Tsedat  (ETH)2:06:36Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Guteni Shone  (ETH)2:24:29
2018Flag of Kenya.svg  Dickson Tuwei  (KEN)2:08:18Flag of Morocco.svg  Kaoutar Boulaid  (MAR)2:25:32
2017Flag of Kenya.svg  Titus Ekiru  (KEN)2:07:42Flag of Spain.svg  Paula González  (ESP)2:28:54
2016Flag of Kenya.svg  Cosmas Lagat  (KEN)2:08:14Flag of Spain.svg  Paula González  (ESP)2:31:18
2015Flag of Kenya.svg  Lawrence Cherono  (KEN)2:09:39Flag of Portugal.svg  Filomena Costa  (POR)2:28:00
2014Flag of Kenya.svg  Cosmas Lagat  (KEN)2:08:33Flag of Kenya.svg  Pamela Rotich  (KEN)2:35:43
2013Flag of Kenya.svg  Solomon Busendich  (KEN)2:10:13Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ehite Bizuayehu  (ETH)2:29:52
2012Flag of Morocco.svg  Mohamed Bilal  (MAR)2:13:41Flag of Ireland.svg  Jill Hodgins  (IRL)2:46:40
2011Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Daniel Abera  (ETH)2:09:53Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Alemnesh Eshetu  (ETH)2:33:26
2010Flag of Kenya.svg  Philipp Biwott  (KEN)2:10:39Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Desta Girma  (ETH)2:34:53
2009Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Hailu Dogaga  (ETH)2:10:31Flag of Portugal.svg  Marisa Barros  (POR)2:26:03
2008Flag of Kenya.svg  Samson Bungei  (KEN)2:10:52Flag of Portugal.svg  Ana Dias  (POR)2:29:22
2007Flag of Kenya.svg  Sylvester Chebii  (KEN)2:15:16Flag of Spain.svg  Faustina-María Ramos  (ESP)2:45:34
2006Flag of Kenya.svg  Christopher Kipkoech  (KEN)2:19:12Flag of Spain.svg  Faustina-María Ramos  (ESP)2:40:20
2005Flag of Kenya.svg  Noah Serem  (KEN)2:22:15Flag of Russia.svg  Liliya Yadzhak  (RUS)2:45:18
2004Flag of Kenya.svg  Nelson Lebo  (KEN)2:11:13Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Julia Myatt  (GBR)2:46:48
2003Flag of Kenya.svg  Onesmus Mutisya  (KEN)2:17:24Flag of Spain.svg  Beatriz Ros  (ESP)2:31:09
2002Flag of Kenya.svg  William Musyoki  (KEN)2:16:22Flag of Spain.svg  Faustina-María Ramos  (ESP)2:36:13
2001Flag of Spain.svg  José Rey  (ESP)2:10:49Flag of Spain.svg  Faustina-María Ramos  (ESP)2:34:41
2000Flag of Russia.svg  Alexandr Krestyaninov  (RUS)2:16:52Flag of Russia.svg  Irina Suvorova  (RUS)2:33:48
1999Flag of Kenya.svg  John Mutai  (KEN)2:16:35Flag of Sweden.svg  Marie Söderström-Lundberg  (SWE)2:35:21
1998Flag of Kenya.svg  Nicolas Kioko  (KEN)2:13:01Flag of Russia.svg  Anfisa Kosacheva  (RUS)2:41:25
1997Flag of Spain.svg  Agustín Molina  (ESP)2:17:43Flag of Russia.svg  Anfisa Kosacheva  (RUS)2:41:18
1996Flag of Spain.svg  Jorge Juan Sempere  (ESP)2:16:35Flag of Spain.svg  María Luisa Muñoz  (ESP)2:28:59
1995Flag of Spain.svg  Diego García  (ESP)2:11:21Flag of Portugal.svg  Alzira Lário  (POR)2:47:04
1994Flag of Spain.svg  José Apalanza  (ESP)2:16:09Flag of Spain.svg  Ana Isabel Alonso  (ESP)2:33:18
1993Flag of Spain.svg  Vicente Antón  (ESP)2:14:37Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Karen MacLeod  (GBR)2:34:30
1992Flag of Spain.svg  Miguel Ríos  (ESP)2:15:31Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Christine Van Put  (BEL)2:40:46
1991Flag of Brazil (1968-1992).svg  Laurenio Bezerra  (BRA)2:11:56Flag of the United States.svg  Sarah Davis  (USA)2:56:45
1990Flag of Spain.svg  Luis Adsuara  (ESP)2:15:01Flag of Spain.svg  Marina Prat  (ESP)2:38:14
1989Flag of Tanzania.svg  Suleiman Nyambui  (TAN)2:16:59Flag of Spain.svg  Consuelo Alonso  (ESP)2:51:33
1988Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Pavel Klimeš  (TCH)2:12:59Flag of the United States.svg  Wendy Flath-Harris  (USA)3:03:07
1987Flag of Spain.svg  Vicente Antón  (ESP)2:12:56Flag of Spain.svg  María Luisa Irízar  (ESP)2:42:08
1986Flag of Spain.svg  Vicente Antón  (ESP)2:14:40Flag of Spain.svg  Carmen Mingorance  (ESP)2:57:38
1985Flag of Spain.svg Francisco Medina (ESP)2:21:23Flag of the United States.svg  Wendy Harris  (USA)3:12:09

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