She Knows Y'Know

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She Knows Y'know
"She Knows Y'Know" (1962).jpg
Directed by Montgomery Tully
Written by
Based onplay by Kate Sullivan
Produced byMaurice J. Wilson
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited by Maurice Rootes
Music by Ken Thorne
Eternal Films
Distributed byGrand National Pictures (UK)
Release date
  • June 1962 (1962-06)(UK)
Running time
72 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

She Knows Y'Know is a 1962 black and white British comedy film directed by Montgomery Tully and starring comedienne Hylda Baker. The film takes its title from Hylda Baker's best known catch-phrase. [1] The BFI describes the film, which was made on a low-budget, as a "low life comedy, unfolded against an industrial town backdrop". [2]



In the North of England in the 1950s, the lives of two very different families become entwined. The Worswicks are a working class family led by domineering mother Hylda (Hylda Baker) with husband Joe (Cyril Smith) and academically bright son Leslie (Peter Myers). Neighbours the Smallhopes are aspiring middle class, led by mother Euphemia (Joan Sanderson), husband Clarence (Neil Wilson), with attractive daughter Marilyn (Linda Castle), whose sudden pregnancy is the catalyst for unfolding dramas involving both families. [3] [4]


Critical reception

More recent reception, of the DVD re-issue, has been mixed.


In an article in the Blackpool Gazette , Jacqui Morley wrote about the film restoration by Eurwyn Jones:

Eurwyn sees Hylda's film She Knows Y'Know as one of the holy grails of British comedy. "We've lost so much over the years and I'm convinced many are still out there. You have to know where to look. Jean tried the BFI, but the film wasn't in good condition so I put feelers out as a past film collector and went, let us say, to see a man about a dog! I found the film in immaculate condition. Nobody had watched it for half a century. It was a really good feeling, and I couldn't wait to see it."

He negotiated use of the print, tracked down copyright holders to ensure it could be shared with fans across the world, and teamed up with Renown Pictures, who restore classic movies, putting the print through modern technology to present a crystal clear picture quality and sound. She Knows Y'Know is now out on DVD.

Eurwyn concludes: "Hylda was one of the funniest women ever. All those hours I've spent tracking down this early example of her talent have been worth it, and the digital transfer results are brilliant. The film shows she was not only a brilliant comedienne, but an actress of great note, too, which she later proved in films such as Up the Junction and Oliver ." [7]

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