Snow Aeronautical

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Call Aircraft Company
Industry Aerospace
Successor Aero Commander
Founder Leland Snow
Defunct1965 (1965)
United States
Early Snow S-2A open-cockpit ex-crop sprayer of 1959 at Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1997 Snow S-2A N4983C Santa Fe NM 19.06.97R.jpg
Early Snow S-2A open-cockpit ex-crop sprayer of 1959 at Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1997

Snow Aeronautical was a US aircraft manufacturer, established in 1956 in Olney, Texas by Leland Snow to manufacture and market agricultural aircraft of his design.



Leland Snow, a graduate of the aeronautical engineering program at Texas A&M University, had designed and flown his S-1 in 1953. [1] Originally working at Harlingen, Texas, he moved to Olney, Texas in 1958. [2]

The British aviation company of Britten-Norman acted as distributors for Snow's aircraft and later took an equity stake in the company. [3] The company was purchased by the Aero Commander division of North American Rockwell in 1965. [4] [5]


Model nameFirst flightNumber builtType
Snow S-1 19531Single engine agricultural monoplane
Snow S-2 1956414Single engine agricultural monoplane

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