Song (film)

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Directed by Richard Eichberg
Written by Karl Vollmöller (book)
Helen Gosewish
Adolf Lantz
Produced byRichard Eichberg
Starring Anna May Wong
Heinrich George
Mary Kid
Cinematography Heinrich Gärtner
Music by Paul Dessau
Distributed bySüd-Film
Release date
21 August 1928
Running time
94 minutes
United Kingdom
German intertitles

Song (German: Schmutziges Geld, literally Dirty Money) is a 1928 British-German silent drama film directed by Richard Eichberg and starring Anna May Wong, Heinrich George and Mary Kid. [1] It was made at the Babelsberg Studio. The film's sets were designed by Willi Herrmann.


The film is also known as Show Life and Wasted Love. [2]


A Malayan woman (Song, portrayed by Wong) falls in love with vaudeville artist (Jack) who happens to have committed murder for another woman (Gloria).



Although Song was filmed in Berlin with an all-German production team ands cast (with the notable exception of Wong), it was distributed by British International Pictures. [3] The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies recalls that Wong had moved to Europe "to escape the stereotyped roles being offered her in Hollywood". [4] This was her first film with Eichberg. [5] He would later direct The Flame of Lov e,The Road to Dishonour and Hai-Tang (all released in 1930) with the American-born actress.

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