The Beloved Vagabond (1923 film)

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The Beloved Vagabond (1923)
The Beloved Vagabond (1923 film).jpg
Directed by Fred LeRoy Granville
Based on The Beloved Vagabond
by William John Locke
Starring Carlyle Blackwell
Distributed byAstra Films-National
Release date
  • October 1923 (1923-10)
Running time
10 reels (10,020 feet)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Languages Silent
(English intertitles)

The Beloved Vagabond is a 1923 British romantic drama film directed by Fred LeRoy Granville and starring Carlyle Blackwell, Madge Stuart, Jessie Matthews and Phyllis Titmuss. [1] The film is based on the 1906 novel The Beloved Vagabond by William John Locke. [2]



As described in a film magazine review, [3] in order to save the father of Joanna Rushworth, the young woman that he loves, from financial ruin, the wealthy Gaston de Nerac signs a paper giving her up to Comte de Verneuil, whom she then weds. Living as a tramp musician, he wanders through Brittany with Asticot and Blanquette, boy and girl, the latter an orphan. Later, the Comte dies. Joanna and her former lover meet again. Realizing that they are no longer suited to each other, he marries Blanquette.


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