The Country Schoolmaster (1933 film)

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The Country Schoolmaster
Directed by Carl Heinz Wolff
Written by
Produced by Alfred Zeisler
Cinematography Werner Brandes
Edited by Wolfgang Becker
Music by Ludwig Schmidseder
Distributed byUFA
Release date
  • 3 November 1933 (1933-11-03)
Running time
94 minutes
Language German

The Country Schoolmaster or Country Schoolmaster Uwe Karsten (German : Heideschulmeister Uwe Karsten) is a 1933 German drama film directed by Carl Heinz Wolff and starring Hans Schlenck, Marianne Hoppe and Heinrich Heilinger. [1] It was remade in 1954.


The film's art direction was by Otto Hunte and Willy Schiller.


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