The Cumshots

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The Cumshots
Origin Norway
Genres Heavy metal, death 'n' roll, stoner rock
Years active1999 (1999)-2012
LabelsBig Dipper Records
Associated acts Grimfist

The Cumshots were a death 'n' roll band from Norway. The band was formed in 1999 by Kristopher Schau and Ole Petter Andreassen. The band released four albums, and were known for their violent live performances where members of the band regularly suffered fractures and lacerations, as seen on the cover of Norwegian Jesus. One concert featured an on-stage sex act between two members of the 'eco porn' action group Fuck for Forest.


In 2002 the band won an unofficial world-championship in rock for bands which had only released one album in Bilbao, Spain.[ citation needed ]


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