The Green Room (DJ Shaky Bonez album)

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The Green Room
The Green Room Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 4, 2001
Genre Rap, Turntablism
Label Suburban Noize Records
Producer D-Loc
DJ Bobby B
J. Dibbs
Alternative Album Cover

The Green Room is the debut album from DJ Shaky Bonez(a.k.a. D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings), [1] [2] released on September 4, 2001 with Suburban Noize Records.

Track listing

2Legalize It1:37
3It's Time to Get Stoned1:32
4Callin' Me a Sucka1:21
5Space Intruder2:18
6Back and Forth W/B-Dub1:57
7Stylez Awkward1:16
8Ragga Ways1:12
9Randy's Paper2:44
10The Real 1 Take Jake6:40
11B-Dub's Cuts1:51
12On My Own Shit1:50
14Showin' Respects2:32
15It's Not Techno0:36
16Diggin' in the Crates0:39
17P-Town Represent2:11
18I Smoke Too Much Weed4:46
19I Have Somethin' for You1:36
20The Conclusion1:11

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