Suburban Noize Records

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Suburban Noize Records
Founded1995 (1995)
Founder Brad Xavier
Kevin Zinger
Distributor(s) INgrooves Music Group (2019-present)
Capitol Records (1997–2002)
RED Distribution (2003–2012)
Country of originU.S.
Location Burbank, California
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Suburban Noize Records, also known as "Subnoize", is an independent record label based in Burbank, California that specializes in punk rock and hip hop music. The label was founded in 1997 by the Kottonmouth Kings' vocalist Daddy X and Kevin Zinger. [1]



A majority of the label's merchandise and album sales are via the Internet and merchandising booths at live performances. The label relies heavily on word of mouth and underground promotion techniques.

A feud in 2013 between the label's founders, Daddy X and Kevin Zinger, put the label in limbo for a few years. On April 9, 2019, it was announced that Suburban Noize was reforming with Madchild, Kottonmouth Kings, Hed PE, Swollen Members, Big B, Chucky Chuck of DGAF, Saint Dog, UnderRated of Potluck and Moonshine Bandits.

On November 1, 2019, it was announced that Whitney Peyton had signed to Suburban Noize. [2]

On May 1, 2020, it was announced that San Diego rapper Obnoxious had signed to the label. [3]

On April 6, 2021, it was announced that Dropout Kings had signed to Subnoize. [4]


Current artists

ArtistYear signedDescription
Kottonmouth Kings 1997-2013, 2019–presentAmerican hip hop group.
D-Loc 1997–2013, 2019–presentAmerican solo rapper. Founding member of Kottonmouth Kings
Johnny Richter 1997–presentAmerican solo rapper. Founding member of Kottonmouth Kings
Kingspade 1997-2013, 2019–presentAmerican hip hop duo
Big B 2004–presentAmerican solo rapper. Formerly of 187 and OPM respectively.
Hed PE 2006-2013, 2019–presentFormed by frontman Jared Gomes in 1994, Hed PE performs a style of music which it refers to as "G-punk", a fusion of punk rock and hip hop.
Swollen Members 2009-2013, 2019–presentCanadian hip hop group composed of Madchild (MC), Prevail (MC), and Rob The Viking (DJ) signed in collaboration with Battleaxe Records, a label formed by group member Madchild.
Moonshine Bandits 2010-2014, 2019–presentAmerican country rap duo
Madchild 2011-2013, 2019–presentCanadian solo rapper as well as being co-founder of the Canadian hip hop group Swollen Members.
Prevail 2011-2013, 2019–presentCanadian solo rapper as well as being co-founder of the Canadian hip hop group Swollen Members.
Mickey Avalon 2011–2013, 2020–present [5] American solo rapper
UnderRated 2019–presentAmerican hip hop rapper/producer from Humboldt County, California. Formerly of the duo Potluck.
Chucky Chuck2019–presentAmerican solo rapper. Founding member of DGAF.
Whitney Peyton [2] 2019–presentAmerican solo rapper
Long Beach Dub Allstars 2020–presentLegendary ska punk band
Obnoxious [3] 2020–presentAmerican solo rapper
Dropout Kings [6] 2021–presentAmerican nu-metal band

Former artists

Year(s) signedAlbums released on Suburban NoizeNotes
Daddy X 1995–20132Co-founder of Suburban Noize
DJ Bobby B1997–20134Original deejay for the Kottonmouth Kings
Corporate Avenger 1998–20014Currently signed to Massive Sound Records.
Brokencyde 2008-20102American crunkcore group
Grand Vanacular1999–20041American solo rapper
Too Rude 2000–20072American reggae rock band
Mix Mob20021American rock band
Phunk Junkeez 2003–20071Currently signed to Dmaft Records
Judge D2003–20082American solo rapper
Mower 2003–20103American hardcore punk band
Tsunami Brothers 2003–20131American turntablism duo
Pakelika2003–20102American solo rapper. Died August 12, 2012.
Disfunction-ILL20041American hip hop duo
The Dirtball 2004–20136American solo rapper
Humble Gods 20041American hardcore punk band
DGAF2005–20083American hip hop group
Wicked Wisdom 2006 [7] 1American nu metal band
X Clan 2006–20102American hip hop group
OPM 2006–20103Currently signed to MNO Records
Potluck 2006–20113American hip hop duo. Disbanded in 2017
Authority Zero 2006–20133American punk band
Danny Diablo 20071Currently signed to Hellcat Records.
Mondo Generator 20071American alternative metal band
Dog Boy 2007–20101American solo artist. Frontman of Too Rude
Sen Dog 2008–20091American solo rapper. Member of Cypress Hill
La Coka Nostra 2008–20121Currently signed to Uncle Howie Records.
Unwritten Law 2008–20134American punk band
Barry and the Penetrators20091American reggae rock band
Taintstick 2009–20101American hard rock band
BLESTeNATION2009–20121American hip hop group
Saigon 2010–20122American solo rapper
X-Pistols 2010–20131Punk band lead by Daddy X & The Dirtball
Slaine 2010–20143American solo rapper. Member of La Coka Nostra
Glasses Malone 20111American solo rapper
Jeffery Nothing 20111American solo singer. Frontman of Mushroomhead
Cool Nutz 2012-20131American solo rapper
Saint Dog 1997-20203American solo rapper. Founding member of Kottonmouth Kings. Died October 13, 2020.

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Dustin Miller, best known by his stage name D-Loc, is an MC in the rap rock group Kottonmouth Kings and rap group Kingspade. The group was signed to Suburban Noize. Miller has been a part of the Kottonmouth Kings since they were the P town Ballers (PTB) in 1994. Miller is also known by the stage names DJ Shakey Bonez, and D-Double Dash.

Steven Thronson, better known by his stage name Saint Dog, was an American rapper from Southern California.

<i>Kottonmouth Kings</i> (album) 2005 studio album by Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings is the eponymous sixth studio album by American hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings. It was released on May 31, 2005 under Suburban Noize Records. The album is also known as "No. 7" because of it being the seventh release overall.

Kingspade consists of the rap duo Johnny Richter and D-Loc of Kottonmouth Kings.

<i>Organic Soul</i> 2004 studio album by Daddy X

Organic Soul is the debut solo album by Kottonmouth Kings' frontman Daddy X. It was released on August 24, 2004 via Suburban Noize Records. The nineteen-track record featured guest appearances from Smokin Scotty Dread, E-Mann, Dogboy, and Sky Blue. As of September 11, 2004 the album made it to #18 on the Billboard Top Internet albums.

Kottonmouth King is an American hip hop band. Formed in Placentia, Orange County, California in 1996 by D-Loc, Saint Dog and Johnny Richter. The band is known for their activism in favor of legalizing cannabis, and often performing lyrics about smoking marijuana. Consisting of D-Loc and Johnny Richter, the band plays hip hop, punk and rap rock songs that sometimes incorporate elements of other genres, including psychedelic rock, reggae, dubstep, bluegrass and jam band.

Bryan Mahoney, best known by his stage name, Big B, is an American rapper currently signed with Suburban Noize Records as a solo artist. Along with John E. Necro, he performs vocals in the rap rock band OPM, which is also signed with Subnoize.

<i>SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits</i> 2005 compilation album

SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits is the fifth official compilation album by Suburban Noize Records released on October 25, 2005. This album is a CD/DVD set that includes popular names of the label, such as the Kottonmouth Kings, Judge D, and Big B along with others. The DVD features footage of Kottonmouth Kings and the Subnoize family in Japan, motocross riders Manley and Morrison(Scummy) speaking on their thoughts, motocross riders Grant Teal and Jeremy Lusk, plus more of the SRH team. It also features new Music videos by; Kottonmouth Kings, Big B, OPM, and Slightly Stoopid.

<i>Sub Noize Souljaz</i> 2005 mixtape by Subnoize Souljaz

Sub Noize Souljaz is a mixtape by Suburban Noize Records released on February 15, 2005. Sub Noize Souljaz is a fifteen track collaboration unifying the whole Sub Noize label in many combinations. Sub Noize head group the Kottonmouth Kings join with label mates Big B, Judge D, Saint Dog, and more including newcomers Dirtball, and Chucky Styles who make their impressive debut. This CD contains tracks with Saint Dog, Richter, D-Loc, and Brad X performing together for the first time since 1999 when Saint Dog parted ways with the Kottonmouth Kings. This challenges of an album demonstrated the unique bond that is the "Subnoize Family".

Dog Boy is a singer and songwriter, currently signed with Suburban Noize Records as a solo artist. Along with his solo project he also supplied vocals for the reggae/punk rock band, Too Rude, who are also signed with Subnoize.

<i>Kottonmouth Kings: Dopeumentary</i> 2001 film by Bill Wadsworth

Kottonmouth Kings: Dopeumentary is a 2001 documentary film DVD starring the Kottonmouth Kings distributed by Suburban Noize Records which was directed and produced by Bill Wadsworth and Kevin Zinger released on May 8, 2001.

<i>Long Live The Kings</i> 2010 studio album by Kottonmouth Kings

Long Live the Kings is the tenth studio album released by American hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings. It was released on April 20, 2010 under Suburban Noize Records. This was the first album after adding The Dirtball into the group as well as the only album to date that featured 8 members of the Kottonmouth Kings on the cover of the album, as it was released just prior to Pakelika leaving the group. The album features the likes of Tech N9ne, Insane Clown Posse, and Big B. It features the single, "At It Again", from Johnny Richter's new solo album, "Laughing", as well as a single from The Dirtball, entitled "Mushrooms", which is said to be the sequel to a song he released earlier in his career called "Mushroom Cloud".

Humble Gods was a punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California. Kottonmouth Kings' frontman Daddy X created the band. On October 17, 1995, the band released its debut self-titled album Humble Gods on WEA. The band had a number of members come and go throughout its career, including two untimely deaths. Daddy X is also the vocalist of the punk rock/hip-hop groups X-Pistols and Kottonmouth Kings, and former vocalist of the skate punk band Doggy Style. He also has a solo hip-hop career.

X Pistols is an American punk rock band from Southern California and Oregon, United States, formed in 2010. Brad "Daddy X" Xavier, David "The Dirtball" Alexander, D.I. members TNT, Joey Glock, and Colt Clayton make up the band. In 2011, X-Pistols released their debut album Shoot to Kill, on Suburban Noize Records.

<i>Born Free</i> (Humble Gods album) 2004 studio album by Humble Gods

Born Free is the third and final studio album from the California based punk rock band Humble Gods, and released on January 6, 2004 on Suburban Noize Records. There was an eight-year gap between this album and the band's previous release, No Heroes, because vocalist Daddy X was busy with his other band, Kottonmouth Kings.

Suburban Noize Records, also known as "Subnoize", is an independent record label based in Burbank, California, specializing in punk rock and underground hip hop. The label was founded in 1997 by Kevin Zinger and Kottonmouth Kings vocalist Brad Xavier.

<i>Sunrise Sessions</i> 2011 studio album by Kottonmouth Kings

Sunrise Sessions is the eleventh studio album American hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings. It was released on July 19, 2011 under Suburban Noize Records. According to the band, the record has a more prominent reggae sound than previous albums, as well as dubstep and bluegrass influences. The band recorded over 60 songs for the album; some of the b-sides are included as bonus tracks on special editions of the album, and others are included on Hidden Stash V: Bongloads & B-Sides, which was released later in 2011.

<i>American Underdog</i> 2009 studio album by Big B

American Underdog is the fourth studio album by American rapper Big B. It was released on March 24, 2009 via Suburban Noize Records. The album features guest appearances from Scott Russo of Unwritten Law, Jared of Hed PE, and Kottonmouth Kings members Daddy X, John E. Necro, Johnny Richter and The Dirtball.

Whitney Peyton is an American rapper, songwriter and singer from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dropout Kings is an American nu metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, United States, that formed in 2016. They are currently signed to Suburban Noize Records and have released one album; Audiodope, which was released on August 10, 2018.


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