Danny Diablo

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Danny Diablo
Birth nameDan Singer
Also known as
  • Lord Ezec
  • Danny D.
Born (1971-12-20) December 20, 1971 (age 49)
Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Years active1994–present
Associated acts
Website dannydiablo.com

Dan Singer (born December 20, 1971), known professionally as Danny Diablo a.k.a. Lord Ezec, is an American hardcore punk and hip hop vocalist. He is a current member of underground hip hop acts The ShotBlockers, KAOS 13 and FTW, and a founding member of hardcore bands Crown of Thornz, Skarhead and Icepick, which gained him success on the New York hardcore scene. [1] [2]


Early life

Born in Manhattan, New York, Dan Singer is the son of a Brooklyn-born Polish-Jewish police sergeant father and a Puerto Rican homemaker mother from the East River Houses of Spanish Harlem. [3]

He started writing graffiti at an early age under the moniker Lord Ezec.[ citation needed ]

In 1993, he was stabbed with an 8-inch flathead screwdriver. [ citation needed ] He then proceeded to beat up the stabber. [ citation needed ] Singer spent about one and a half months recovering in the hospital. [4] [ non-primary source needed ]

Singer was arrested for attempted murder in 1998 and swore to change his life with music when he was released.[ citation needed ]

Music career


Singer formed New York hardcore band Crown of Thornz in 1994 with former Breakdown guitarist Mike Dijan, Dimi on drums, Steve O'Brien and Franklin Rhi on bass. In 1995, the band released their debut EP Train Yard Blues on Equal Vision Records, a dedication to Singer's younger brother David, who had committed suicide the previous year. The following year the group released Mentally Vexed. After their hiatus from 1998 to 2013, Crown of Thornz reunited at Ieperfest in Belgium and This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, and went on a North American tour with Rancid and The Transplants.

After Crown of Thornz, Singer decided to set a new trend with his street blend of hardcore, metal, hip hop and punk, founding a new music genre he calls thugcore, with the Skarhead.[ citation needed ] The band consisted of Madball's guitarists Brian "Mitts" Daniels and Hoya Roc, former White Trash bassist Aaron "White Owl" Collins, Murphy's Law's and Misfits' drummer Eric "Goat" Arce, and Puerto Rican Mike from District 9. Skarhead's debut Drugs, Money & Sex EP was released in 1997. The band soon signed to Victory Records for the release of the New York hardcore record Kings at Crime, which hit stores in 1999. The band also had success with their sophomore LP Drugs, Music & Sex, released in 2009. In 2011, European label I Scream Records released the album Dreams Don't Die, Skarhead's tribute to some of Singer's favorite bands from the era between 1986 and 1989.

In 1996, Singer collaborated with Jamey Jasta to form the metalcore band Icepick, which served as a side project of Hatebreed. Along with their bandmates Derek Kerswill, Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec, the group remained virtually stagnant until the song "Born to Crush You" appeared on UFC: Ultimate Beat Downs, Vol. 1 in August 2004. Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski frequently uses their song "Onward to Victory" as his entrance music for fights. Icepick's debut album, Violent Epiphany, was released on April 18, 2006 under Jasta's record label Stillborn Records. [5]

Singer's current band is The Wilding Incident, which also features Jimmy Williams of Nausea/Maximum Penalty. [6]


Singer's first solo recording began with "D.R.E.A.M." by The Transplants, which mentioned him to sign with Travis Barker of Blink-182's LaSalle Records for the 2005 release of his Hardcore 4 Life EP. [7] Diablo included some of its tracks on Thugcore 4 Life [8] record released in 2007, featuring the Tim Armstrong-produced track "Living By The Gun". His friendship with Armstrong remained, and he moved to Epitaph Records and signed with Tim's Hellcat Records [9] to release his sophomore solo album International Hardcore Superstar in 2009, with guest appearances by La Coka Nostra members, Vinnie Paz, Sick Jacken and Tim himself.

In early 2012, Singer founded his own independent record label, ILL-ROC Records [10] and released his third album, The Blood Of Eden, which featured Madchild, Bizarre, Adil Omar, and the ILL-ROC roster. He went to Paris and released his fourth album, Dollerz Make Sense, in 2016 via Knives Out Records. [11]

Other ventures


Singer has done modeling for clothing companies like Tribal gear, Joker Brand, Famous Stars and Straps, and Ssur, and has appeared in numerous magazines, on covers and in ads.[ citation needed ] He has a clothing company called Lord Ezec Street Wear, which is a part of the clothing line Hatewear.[ citation needed ]


In the 2008 criminal drama action movie The Crack Down, directed, written and produced by Charles Nordeen, Israel Rodriguez, a character based on his real-life personality. [3] [12] He was also a featured artist in Frank Pavich's New York Hardcore documentary. Singer directed and starred in several music videos.


Singer has made vocal appearances with Ceekay Jones, Jay R, Grizz, and Prince Metropolitan. [13]

Personal life

Singer has a son who is reportedly estranged, in part, because of outstanding child support debt. [14] [15] [16]


Studio albums

Extended plays

Compilation albums

Vs series

Collaborative albums

Guest appearances

2001"Unified" Biohazard, Roger Miret, Puerto Rican Mike Uncivilization
2002"D.R.E.A.M." Transplants Transplants
2004"Spit My Rage" Terror, Jamie Jasta One with the Underdogs
"Watch Your Back" Necro The Pre-Fix for Death
2005"Unstoppable" Subzero The Suffering of Man
2007"Put 'Em Up" Big B More to Hate
2008"Nothing To Prove" H2O Nothing to Prove
"Desperados"Riviera Regime, Necro Real Soldierz Ride
2013"Go Fuck Yourself" Deez Nutz Bout It!
2015"Danny Diablo vs Cirex" Cirex Single [18]
2020"Danny Diablo vs Chris Brown" TRAPT

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<i>Thugcore 4 Life</i> 2007 studio album by Danny Diablo

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Hardcore 4 The Coldhearted is the double CD album by American hardcore punk and hip hop artist Danny Diablo. It was released on August 29, 2008 via Countdown Records.


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