The Happy Warrior (1917 film)

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The Happy Warrior
Directed by F. Martin Thornton
Harma Photoplays
Distributed byHarma Photoplays
Release date
August 1917
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles

The Happy Warrior is a 1917 British sports drama film directed by Floyd Martin Thornton and starring James Knight, Joan Legge and Minna Grey. [1] It was remade in Hollywood as The Happy Warrior (1925).



James Knight The Happy Warrior
Joan LeggeAudrey Oxford
Minna Grey Maggie Oxford
Harry Lorraine Foxy
Sydney Lewis RansomeJaffra
Leslie Howard Rollo
H. Agar Lyons Lord Burdon
Roy Byford Latham
Jeff Barlow Amber
Winifred Evans Lady Burdon
Evelyn Boucher Dora

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