The House of the Spaniard

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The House of the Spaniard
The House of the Spaniard.png
Brigitte Horney and Peter Haddon
Directed by Reginald Denham
Written byArthur Behrend, The House of the Spaniard (novel)
Basil Mason
Produced by Hugh Perceval
Starring Peter Haddon
Brigitte Horney
Jean Galland
Allan Jeayes
Cinematography Franz Weihmayr
Music by Allan Gray
Phoenix Films
Distributed by Associated British
Release date
  • November 1936 (1936-11)
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

The House of the Spaniard is a 1936 British comedy thriller film directed by Reginald Denham and starring Peter Haddon, Brigitte Horney and Allan Jeayes. [1] It is set in Lancashire and Spain, during the ongoing Spanish Civil War. It was shot at Ealing Studios in west London, England, and on location in Lancashire and Spain. Art direction was by Holmes Paul. It was based on a novel of the same title by Arthur Behrend, which was published in 1935.



An unemployed and seemingly dull-witted young man named David Grey stays with his friend Johnny Gilchrist in Liverpool while he looks for work. Due to a mistake, he is hired by a Spanish-owned shipping company whose owner "Don" Pedro de Guzman lives in a lonely, mysterious house in the marshes outside Liverpool. Grey's curiosity is aroused by the unexplained death of a man whom he had spoken to on the marshes, close to the house. His investigations lead to his abduction and detention on one of Guzman's steamers, which takes to Spain where he becomes embroiled in an attempted revolution in Spain, which fails. He is eventually able to escape thanks to the help of Guzman's daughter, Margarita.


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