The Notorious Lady

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The Notorious Lady
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Directed by King Baggot
Produced bySam E. Rork
Written by Jane Murfin
Based on The River by Patrick Hastings
Starring Barbara Bedford
Lewis Stone
Cinematography Tony Gaudio
Edited byDoris Farrington
Frank Lawrence
Distributed by First National Pictures
Release date
  • March 27, 1927 (1927-03-27)
Running time
7 reels; 6,040 feet
CountryUnited States
LanguagesSilent film
(English intertitles)

The Notorious Lady is a surviving 1927 silent film feature length adventure produced by Sam E. Rork and distributed by First National Pictures. It was directed by veteran actor/director King Baggot and starred Barbara Bedford and Lewis Stone.


The film was based on the 1925 play The River by British writer Patrick Hastings. Producer Rork's daughter, Ann Rork, has a leading role in the film.


Preservation status

The film is preserved at the Library of Congress [1] and is available on home video and DVD. [2] [3]

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