The Prescott Kid

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The Prescott Kid
Directed by David Selman
Written by Ford Beebe
Based onthe short story, "Wolves of Catclaw"
by Claude Rister
Starring Tim McCoy
Sheila Mannors
Joseph Sauers
Cinematography Benjamin Kline
Edited by Ray Snyder
Richard Cahoon
Release date
  • November 8, 1934 (1934-11-08)(US) [1]
Running time
6 reels
CountryUnited States

The Prescott Kid is a 1934 American Western film directed by David Selman, from an original screenplay by Ford Beebe, which stars Tim McCoy, Sheila Mannors, and Joseph Sauers. The picture was released on November , 1934. The screenplay was based on a short story, "Wolves of Catclaw", by Claude Rister which had appeared in the November 1933 issue of Rangeland Love Magazine .


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