The Silent Witness (1932 film)

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The Silent Witness
The Silent Witness (1932 film).jpg
Directed by Marcel Varnel
Written by Jack DeLeon (play)
Jack Celestin (play)
Douglas Z. Doty
Starring Lionel Atwill
Greta Nissen
Helen Mack
Cinematography Joseph H. August
Edited by Jack Murray
Fox Film Corporation
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
February 7, 1932
Running time
73 minutes
CountryUnited States
The Silent Witness ad in The Film Daily, 1932 The Silent Witness ad in The Film Daily, Jan-Jun 1932 (page 186 crop).jpg
The Silent Witness ad in The Film Daily , 1932

The Silent Witness is a 1932 American mystery film directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Lionel Atwill, Greta Nissen and Helen Mack. [1] It was adapted from a play by Jack DeLeon and Jack Celestin. [2] [3] The film's sets were designed by the art director Duncan Cramer who worked on many Fox Film productions of the era.


A London courtroom drama in which an Englishman takes the blame for his son who he believes guilty of murdering his lover. The real truth surrounding the case is only revealed by a silent witness.


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