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Thomas Roszak
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Roszak in 2020
Born1966 (age 5556)
Alma mater Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech)
OccupationArchitect / Developer

Thomas Roszak (born 1966) is an American architect, real estate developer, business executive, author, and academic.


Roszak has developed, designed, and built commercial properties, hotels, condominiums, and private residences in Illinois and Arizona. He founded and runs four companies involved in architecture, construction, and real estate development. He was an Adjunct Professor in the College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech). In 2008, Roszak received an award from the American Institute of Architects for a house he built for his family.


Roszak received a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) in 1989. In 1996, after early-career positions at architecture and development firms in Chicago, he founded Roszak Architecture, Development, and Construction, located in Evanston, Illinois.

Roszak/ADC developed and created projects representing more than $3 billion in the Chicago and Phoenix areas. His condominium developments in Chicago and Evanston have been cited for their beauty, ingenuity, and sensitivity to people and the environment. [1]

Now Roszak leads as principal in four companies headquartered in Chicago:

In the special 2005 Architectural Digest Issue, Roszak was named one of the best residential architects in the United States. [2]

In 2020, Roszak was elevated to a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) [3]

Roszak served as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech), where he taught a comprehensive architectural design and construction studio.

Glass House

In the 2000s, Roszak designed and constructed a house of glass, concrete, and steel for his wife and three children. The Glass House received an Honor Award for interior architecture from the American Institute of Architects in 2008. [4] [5] The AIA jury commented:

"The transparency from the outside in and the inside out is a strong design concept. Not only does transparency unite the functional space of the floor plan with the environment, it informs the canvas about the use of color—the yellow structure, red core walls, and cherry floors tie directly to the seasonal vegetation, bringing the landscape into play as design elements." [4]

In 2007, Glass House: A Family Home was published by Edizioni Press. [6] The book discusses design decisions made on the house and the realities of living in a transparent home .

Purpose + Process

Purpose + Process was published by Images Publishing in 2018. The book details Roszak's architect-led process, which integrates design with construction, development, financing, marketing, and management of real estate, and delineates the evolution of his modernist sensibilities and the integrated project delivery approach he has applied to his practice since 1996. Featuring sixteen of Roszak's residential, commercial, and specialty design projects, Purpose + Process contains introductory essays by architects Thomas Kerwin and Dirk Lohan further describing Roszak's approach.

Selected Projects

ProjectLocationCompletedBuilding TypeProcessNotes
160 N. Elizabeth ApartmentsChicago, Illinois2023High-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [7]
Parkline-Chicago ResidencesChicago, Illinois2021High-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [8]
Recess and City Hall EventsChicago, Illinois2020Adaptive Reuse / Event Venue / RestaurantDesign [9]
145 South WellsChicago, Illinois2019High-rise OfficeDesign / Develop / Build [10]
Linea ApartmentsChicago, Illinois2017High-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [11]
JeffJack ApartmentsChicago, Illinois2015High-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [12]
Morgan ManufacturingChicago, Illinois2015Adaptive Reuse / OfficeDesign [13]
IIT Chicago Kent College of Law - Bruce M. Kohen CourtroomChicago, Illinois2013Classroom / Courtroom RenovationDesign / Build [14]
InterContinental Hotel-MiamiMiami, Florida2012Hospitality RebrandingDesign [15]
Adler Planetarium - Clark Family Welcome CenterChicago, Illinois2011Science MuseumDesign [16]
7RR-Eco HomeNorthfield, Illinois2010Single-family ResidentialDesign / Build [17]
Vetro ResidencesChicago, Illinois2008High-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [18]
Sienna ResidencesEvanston, Illinois2008Mid-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [19]
Chicago Avenue PlaceEvanston, Illinois2004Mid-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [20]
Glass HouseNorthfield, Illinois2002Single-family ResidentialDesign / Build [21]
433 North Wells Street ResidencesChicago, Illinois1999Mid-rise ResidentialDesign / Develop / Build [22]

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