Thomas Saunders Secondary School

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Thomas Saunders Secondary School
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Richmond Hill, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Coordinates 13°09′14″N61°13′26″W / 13.1540208°N 61.2237919°W / 13.1540208; -61.2237919 Coordinates: 13°09′14″N61°13′26″W / 13.1540208°N 61.2237919°W / 13.1540208; -61.2237919
Type Public Secondary School
Motto Striving for excellence
Established 2005 (2005)
Language English

Thomas Saunders Secondary School is a high school located at Richmond Hill, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The building was formerly the Richmond Hill Primary School. The school was named after a former principal of the Richmond Hill Primary School, Thomas Saunders. Their motto is "Striving for excellence". The School was established in 2005 and held their first graduation in 2010. [1] [2]

Secondary school building and organization where secondary education is provided

A secondary school is both an organization that provides secondary education and the building where this takes place. Some secondary schools can provide both lower secondary education and upper secondary education, but these can also be provided in separate schools, as in the American middle school- high school system.

Kingstown Town and Capital in Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Kingstown is the capital, chief port, and main commercial centre of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With a population of 16,500 (2010), Kingstown is the most populous settlement in the country. It is the centre for the island's agricultural industry and a port of entry for tourists. The city lies within the parish of Saint George in the south-west corner of Saint Vincent.

Graduation event of getting a diploma

Graduation is getting a diploma or academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated with it, in which students become graduates. Before the graduation, candidates are referred to as graduands. The date of graduation is often called graduation day. The graduation ceremony itself is also called commencement, convocation or invocation. Normally, the ceremony and name apply to high school and above. In the United States of America, graduations for elementary school or even Kindergarten have been a development of recent years. When ceremonies are associated, they usually include a procession of the academic staff and candidates and a valediction. At the college and university level the faculty will usually wear academic dress at the formal ceremonies, as will the trustees and degree candidates.

Like all Vincentian schools the students wear uniforms. The Thomas Saunders Secondary School students wear white shirts, black pants for boys and black skirts for girls, and a red and black striped tie.

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