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Thomas H. Taylor American official who fought for the Confederate States of America

Thomas Hart Taylor was a Confederate States Army colonel, brigade commander, provost marshal and last Confederate post commander at Mobile, Alabama during the American Civil War. His appointment as a brigadier general was refused by the Confederate Senate after Confederate President Jefferson Davis failed to nominate Taylor, apparently following Davis's appointment of Taylor to the rank. Nonetheless, Taylor's name is frequently found on lists and in sketches of Confederate generals. He was often referred to as a general both during the Civil War and the years following it. Before the Civil War, Taylor served as a first lieutenant in the 3rd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Mexican–American War. After that war, he was a cattle driver, farmer and lawyer. After the Civil War, he was engaged in business in Mobile, Alabama for five years, and after returning to Kentucky, was a Deputy U.S. Marshal for five years and was chief of police at Louisville, Kentucky for eleven years.

Thomas Happer Taylor was a highly decorated veteran of the United States Army, a military historian, an author of seven books, and a champion triathlete. He served in Vietnam following in the footsteps of his father, General Maxwell D. Taylor.

Thomas Taylor was a Union Navy sailor in the American Civil War and a recipient of the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions at the Battle of Mobile Bay.


Sir Thomas Taylor, 2nd Baronet (1657–1696), of Park House, Maidstone and Shadoxhurst, Kent, was an English politician.

Thomas Charles "Tom" Taylor is the minority floor leader in the New Mexico House of Representatives, 2006–2010. He represented the New Mexico State House 1st district centered on Farmington in San Juan County, from January 1999 through 2014.

Thomas Edward Taylor British politician

Thomas Edward Taylor PC, was a British Conservative Party politician. He served as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1868 and between 1874 and 1880 under Benjamin Disraeli.


Thomas Fielden Taylor (1879–1937) was a notable New Zealand Anglican priest and city missioner. He was born in Chelsea, London, England in 1879.

Thomas Taylor was an 18th-century Anglican priest in Ireland

Thomas Taylor was an English priest, historian and scholar of Celtic culture.


Thomas (Tom) Taylor was a famous English cricketer who played for the Hambledon Club. He is generally regarded as one of the most outstanding players of the 18th century.


Thomas Taylor (architect) English artist and architect

Thomas Taylor was an English artist and architect. Although he did not achieve the reputation or the output of Thomas Rickman, he was another pioneer in the use of the Gothic Revival style in church architecture.

Wenley House

Wenley House is a heritage-listed warehouse at 20-30 Market Street, Brisbane City, City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was designed by Thomas Taylor and built in 1864. It is also known as Jewell's Building. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992.

Thomas Henry Taylor is a British children's writer and illustrator. He studied at Anglia Ruskin University. He painted the cover art for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Due to the number of questions regarding the identity of the wizard illustrated on the back cover of the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and thanks to the contribution of an Argentine named Alfonso Ferrer in Taylor's blog, in February 2016, he decided to name him Robertus Tallis.

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Tom Taylor (1817–1880) was a dramatist and editor of Punch magazine.

Tommy Taylor (1932–1958) was an English international footballer who played for Barnsley and Manchester United.

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