Thomas Y. Crowell Co.

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Thomas Y. Crowell Co.
Founder Thomas Y. Crowell
Successor Harper & Row
Country of origin United States
Publication types Books

Thomas Y. Crowell Co. was a publishing company founded by Thomas Y. Crowell. The company began as a bookbindery founded by Benjamin Bradley in 1834. Crowell operated the business after Bradley's death in 1862 and eventually purchased the company from Bradley's widow in 1870. [1]



The company began publishing books in 1876, and in 1882 T. Irving Crowell joined his father in the business. Jeremiah Osborne Crowell became the sales manager.

In 1909, after Thomas Y. Crowell died, T. Irving Crowell became the company's president. Then in 1937, after T. Irving Crowell retired, the third generation Robert L. Crowell took over and moved towards publishing trade books and biographies. They were sold to Dun & Bradstreet in 1968.

Crowell acquired the textbook publisher Intext in 1974, which also owned the trade publisher Abelard-Schuman. [2]

In 1978, the company was sold to Harper & Row, which bought Lippincott and briefly combined the two as Lippincott & Crowell in 1979 before consolidating them into Harper & Row in 1980. [3]

The Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers Records are housed in the Syracuse University Library's Special Collections Research Center. The records are composed mainly of correspondence with authors, agents, other publishing firms and interested persons. [4]

Published works

Reference works


Book series

  • Astor Edition of Poetry [5]
  • Astor Edition of Prose
  • Astor Library of Standard Literature
  • Children's Favorite Classics [6]
  • Crowell's Colonial Series [7]
  • Crowell's Red Line Poets
  • Famous Men and Women Library [8]
  • Half-Hour Classics
  • Handy Volume Classics [9]
  • Luxembourg Edition
  • Luxembourg Illustrated Classics Series
  • Luxembourg Illustrated Library
  • Masters of Contemporary Photography [10]
  • Popular Books for Young People (also known as: Crowell's Library for Young People) [11]
  • Sunday School Library, No. 1 [12]
  • Well Spent Hour Library [13]
  • What is Worth While Series [14]

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