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Thomaz Costa
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Thomaz Roberto Costa Santos

(2000-06-14) June 14, 2000 (age 19)
São Paulo, Brazil
Years active2003-present

Thomaz Roberto Costa Santos (born June 14, 2000), best known as Thomaz Costa, is a Brazilian actor. [1]


Biography and career

Thomaz was born in São Paulo, the son of Luciana Santos and Roberto, and the older brother of Lívia Helena. [2] He has been studying theater since he was 3 years old. Thomaz's first job was Claro's commercial called Claro Conselhos. This advertisement was recorded in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was the winner of the "Cena em Ação" contest of the Hebe program at SBT, Thomaz won a role in the novel "Vende-se um Véu de Noiva". The following year he appeared in the Brazilian production of the musical show "O Rei e Eu", a sophisticated production that obtained excellent reviews and nominations, which premiered on February 27, 2010 in São Paulo, at Teatro Alfa. In 2012, he participated in the Brazilian remake of the novel Carrossel, where he interpreted the scholar Daniel Zapata, both reprinting in the series Patrulha Salvadora of 2014 and in the cinemas in Carrossel: The Film of 2015 and in the continuation Carrossel 2: O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina de 2016.In 2018 he became an evangelical and baptized in the waters. [3]

São Paulo capital of state of São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is a municipality in the Southeast Region of Brazil. The metropolis is an alpha global city and the most populous city in Brazil, the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, besides being the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. The municipality is also the world's 12th largest city proper by population. The city is the capital of the surrounding state of São Paulo, the most populous and wealthiest state in Brazil. It exerts strong international influences in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment. The name of the city honors the Apostle, Saint Paul of Tarsus. The city's metropolitan area, the Greater São Paulo, ranks as the most populous in Brazil and the 12th most populous on Earth. The process of conurbation between the metropolitan areas located around the Greater São Paulo created the São Paulo Macrometropolis, a megalopolis with more than 30 million inhabitants, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world.

Hebe Camargo Brazilian television host

Hebe Maria Monteiro de Camargo Ravagnani was a Brazilian television host, singer and actress. She is considered the "Queen of Brazilian Television". She died at her home on September 29, 2012. Her net worth was over US$360 million.

Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Brazilian commercial television network

The Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão is a Brazilian television network founded in August 19, 1981 by the businessman and television personality Silvio Santos. The company was established after a public competition by the Brazilian Federal Government to form two new networks, created from revoked concessions of the defunct Tupi and Excelsior networks. SBT was funded in the same day that the concession agreement was signed, and that the act was broadcast live by the network, so that this was his first program aired. Before acquiring the concessions of the four station that were to form the SBT, Grupo Silvio Santos had since 1976 the concession of Rio de Janeiro's channel 11, known as TVS, which was a fundamental step to give life to SBT.



2009-10Vende-se um Véu de NoivaLucas [4]
2012-13 Carrossel Daniel Zapata [5]
2013Carrossel Especial
2014-15 Patrulha Salvadora
2016Carrossel em Desenho Animado
Dance se Puder Himself (Participant) [6] [7]


Long & Short films
2015Carrossel: O FilmeDaniel Zapata [8]
2016Carrossel 2: O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina [9]
2017Eu Fico LokoRodrigo [10]


2010 O Rei e Eu Prince
2013Show Carrossel no Circo TihanyDaniel Zapata [11]


Prêmio Febre Teen
Flat belly of the year
Won [12]

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Poesias Para Gael é uma série de curtas metragens de drama e romance. A primeira parte da história foi lançada em 2017 no canal Telemilênio, no YouTube. Com o grande sucesso, o curta se transformou em franquia, ganhando assim as partes dois, três e quatro. A quinta parte, que finaliza a série, tem previsão de estreia para Dezembro de 2019. drama film.


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