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CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thanjavur
Taluk Orathanadu
  Official Tamil
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)

Thoppuviduthy is a village in the Orathanadu taluk of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Thanjavur district District in Tamil Nadu, India

Thanjavur District is one of the 37 districts of the state of Tamil Nadu, in southeastern India. Its headquarters is Thanjavur. The district is located in the delta of the Cauvery River and is mostly agrarian. As of 2011, Thanjavur district had a population of 2,405,890 with a sex-ratio of 1,035 females for every 1,000 males.

Tamil Nadu State in Southern India

Tamil Nadu, is one of the 29 states of India. Its capital and largest city is Chennai. Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent and is bordered by the union territory of Puducherry and the South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It is bounded by the Eastern Ghats on the north, by the Nilgiri Mountains, the Meghamalai Hills, and Kerala on the west, by the Bay of Bengal in the east, by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait on the southeast, and by the Indian Ocean on the south. The state shares a maritime border with the nation of Sri Lanka.

India Country in South Asia

India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; its Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia.


As per the 2001 census, Thoppuviduthy had a total population of 2960 with 1456 males and 1504 females. The sex ratio was 1033. The literacy rate was 60.91.

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A town panchayat or panchayat is a small town of approximately 20,000 to 25,000 inhabitants. It is formed under the panchayati raj administrative system. In census data, the abbreviation T.P. is used to indicate a "town panchayat". Tamil Nadu was the first state to introduce the panchayat town as an intermediate step between rural villages and urban local bodies (ULB).

Arunthathiyar is a Scheduled Caste community found in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The term has two distinct usages: for the purposes of the state government's positive discrimination program, in 2009 it was designated an umbrella term for the Arunthatiyar, Chakkiliyar, Madari, Madiga, Pagadai, Thoti and Adi Andhra communities; while the Office of the Registrar-General, which administrates the census of India, does not recognise all of those communities as one.

Injambakkam neighbourhood in Tamil Nadu, India

Injambakkam is a locality in the south of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Being a part of the Walajabad block of the district, its panchayat is part of Walajabad panchayat union. Injambakkam is located along the ECR.

Kaliyakkavilai city in Tamil Nadu, India

Kaliyakkavilai is a panchayat town in Kanniyakumari district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, close to the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. It lies on Coimbatore-Kochi-Trivandrum-Kanyakumari National highway 47.

Puzhal Neighbourhood in Chennai district, Tamil Nadu, India

Puzhal is a town in Chennai district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town is well known for Puzhal central prison. Puzhal is located on the banks of Puzhal Lake.

Thevaram Town in Tamil Nadu, India

Thevaram is a town in Theni district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Thevaram is located in Tamil Nadu near on border of Kerala at the Eastern side foot-hill of the Western Ghats. It is connected with State Highway SH100.

According to the 2011 Census of India, the total population of the state of Tamil Nadu stood at 72,147,039, with 36,137,975 males, 36,009,055 females, a sex ratio of 996 females per 1000 males, literacy rate of 80.09%, 10.51% of the population below seven years and a population density of 555.

Uthukottai town in Tamil Nadu, India

Uthukottai is a border town and panchayat town in Tamil Nadu, next to Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of the Arani river. The town features a channel which helps to direct water from the Krishna river for local irrigation.

Government of Tamil Nadu

The Government of Tamil Nadu is the governing authority for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is seated at Fort St George, Chennai. The legislature of Tamil Nadu was bicameral until 1986, when it was replaced by a unicameral legislature, like most other states in India.

Puthagaram is a village in Tamil Nadu, India. Here ancient Sri Maha kaliamman Temple is located.

Papanasam taluk is a taluk of Thanjavur district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The headquarters of the taluk is the town of Papanasam.

Poondi, Thiruvallur district village in Tamil Nadu, India

Poondi is a village in the Thiruvallur taluk of Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu, India. It has a has fresh water lake to cater the daily needs of water for Chennai area. The place is also known for Oondreswarar Temple, which was displaced to its current location to ease the construction of the reservoir.

Devanur village in Tamil Nadu, India

Devanur is a village in the Udayarpalayam taluk of Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Koollu is a village in the Hosur taluk of Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Kandalur is a village in Tiruchirappalli taluk of Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Kumbakudy is a village in Tiruchirappalli taluk of Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Panayakurichy is a village in Tiruchirappalli taluk of Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Vadamadurai, Chennai village in Tamil Nadu, India

Vadamadurai is a panchayat village in Thiruvallur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.