Thousand Hours

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Thousand Hours
Birth namePaul Mansford
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genres Electronic, blue-eyed soul
Occupation(s)Singer, instrumentalist, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, keyboard
Years active2012-present

Thousand Hours is a London, UK-based electromantic blue-eyed soul music project featuring Paul Mansford. Paul is a multifaceted singer, instrumentalist and songwriter whose energetic yet emotive performances employ live and looped vocals/EDM, beats/synths, and ambient Nord keyboard stylings. [1]



Thousand Hours' music has elements in common with artists such as James Blake, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, SBTRKT, M83, Sam Sparro, Example and Allen Stone. [1]


Paul previously performed as frontman and lead vocalist for Total Movement, a London-based electropop project with his twin brother Alan (bass and vocals), Joe Dickenson (guitar and samples), and Will Calver (drums and triggers). [2] Their single "Show Them What You’re Made Of" (2010) was signed to German Clubland label Sound of Now, and their EP releases include Halo (2008) and Grace (2009). [3]

Thousand Hours' executive producer is New York City- and London-based multi-platinum songwriter Wayne Cohen (European Pop Idol, Eternal, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Curtis Stigers, Martin Sexton, Laura and the Tears). [4] The two met through a mutual friend with whom Wayne was co-writing. Wayne and Paul eventually began collaborating, working on songs and recordings via Skype. From there, Thousand Hours - initially a one-man band featuring looped beats, vocals, and synths - was born. Out of Paul and Wayne's different interpretations of the project came a style of "electromantic" music. NPR contributor Stephanie Coleman [5] deemed the term electromantic as "having no meaning and every meaning. It's a buzz word - people will make their own associations to the word electromantic." [1]


Thousand Hours' debut album, Dark & Light, was released on 22 March 2013. [6] All vocals by Paul Mansford and his loop pedal (London, UK) | Produced and mixed by Wayne Cohen (NYC) | Assistant Produced and Mixed by Max Graham | Some programming by Henry Steinway | Live keyboards by Paul | Recorded at Paul's house (London) and Stand Up Sound] [7] (NYC) | Mixed at Stand Up Sound [7] (NYC)


Thousand Hours has performed at London venues such as The Regal Room [8] and The Bedford. [9] Thousand Hours' New York City debut in June 2013 included shows at Rockwood Music Hall, The Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and ZirZamin, and as a featured performer at Sync Summit, a music industry showcase which took place at SoHo House, NYC. [10]

Fan reactions

"So much music coming out of one face!" [11] - Vin Goodwin (Host of "Vin's Night In" at The Bedford, London)

"..I am SO loving Dark & Light. 'Light Me Up' is rocking my world. So impressed by the production, Paul's emotion, and the writing. I would never have thunk I'd be so into something that doesn't have a banjo. :) " - NPR contributor Stephanie Coleman [5]

"I really like the songs and think he's a great writer" - David Ryan Jordan (ASCAP UK/Europe) [10] [12]

"Fantastic set by Thousand Hours at The Bedford." - Emily Mann, fan [13]

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