Three Desperate Men

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Three Desperate Men
Three Desperate Men.jpg
Directed by Sam Newfield [1]
Screenplay by Orville H. Hampton
(as Orville Hampton)
Story by Orville H. Hampton
(as Orville Hampton)
Produced by Sigmund Neufeld
Starring Preston Foster
Jim Davis
Virginia Grey
Kim Spalding
William Haade
Monte Blue
Sid Melton
Cinematography Jack Greenhalgh
Edited by Carl Pierson
Music by Albert Glasser
Sigmund Neufeld Productions
Distributed by Lippert Pictures
Release date
  • January 12, 1951 (1951-01-12)(United States)
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited States

Three Desperate Men is a 1951 American Western film directed by Sam Newfield and starring Preston Foster, Jim Davis and Virginia Grey. [2] It co-stars Kim Spalding, William Haade, Monte Blue and Sid Melton. [3]




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