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Three O'Clock Train
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Background information
Origin Montreal, Quebec
Genres country rock, roots rock, alternative country
Years active1984 (1984)–1996 (1996)
2012 (2012)–present
Associated acts The Nils, Men Without Hats, Rheostatics
MembersMack Mackenzie
Stuart Mackenzie
Bob Eaglesham
Colin Burnett
Larry Vitas
Past members Alex Soria
Carlos Soria
Stefan Doroschuk
Dave Bidini
Dave Clark
Rod MacKenzie-Shearer
Eric Hammerbeck
Rob Burgess
Kevin Komoda
Gordie Adamson
Roger Dawson
David Hill
Pierre Perron

Three O'Clock Train is a Canadian alternative country band from Montreal, Quebec. [1] Active from 1984 to 1996 in their original incarnation, [2] the band reunited in 2012. [3]



The band was formed in 1984 by lead singer and guitarist Malcolm "Mack" Mackenzie, originally with Stefan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats on guitar and Alex Soria and Carlos Soria of The Nils as the rhythm section. [4] The Soria brothers left the band early on, and were replaced by Dave Hill on bass and Pierre Perron on drums, [2] while Doroschuk was eventually replaced by Mackenzie's brother Stuart. [2]

The band released an EP, Wig Wam Beach, in 1986 [5] and an album, Muscle In, in 1987 [6] on Pipeline Records. [2] Concurrently with Blue Rodeo, to whom they were frequently compared, they were one of the prominent roots rock revival bands on the Canadian music scene in the era. [4] The band's music was also used for the soundtrack to the 1987 National Film Board drama film Train of Dreams , [7] and they were one of the first bands to perform a live session on the CBC Stereo program Brave New Waves . [8]

Hiatus and return

During the national tour to support Muscle In, Mackenzie became disillusioned and abandoned the band's concert in Edmonton, taking a bus back to Montreal immediately after playing the first set. [9] After a hiatus, Mack and Stuart Mackenzie returned in 1989, [10] playing both sets as a duo and with Dave Bidini and Dave Clark of Rheostatics filling in as the rhythm section. [9] They were eventually replaced by guitarist Rod MacKenzie-Shearer, bassist Eric Hammerbeck and drummer Rob Burgess; [11] this lineup completed recording the band's unfinished album It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry, which was released in 1991 on Justin Time Records. [12] By 1994, the lineup included Kevin Komoda on keyboards, Roger Dawson on bass and Gordie Adamson on drums. [13]

Wig Wam Beach and Muscle In were re-released as a compilation album in 1996 on Just a Memory Records, [2] concurrently with Mack Mackenzie releasing a self-titled solo album on Justin Time. [14]


The band reunited in 2012 to record the new album Moon, [15] and followed up with Train of Dreams in 2016. [3] Train of Dreams was supported by a short tour of select Canadian dates with Ford Madox Ford. [16]

The band's current lineup includes the Mackenzie brothers, along with Bob Eaglesham on guitar, Larry Vitas on bass and Colin Burnett on drums.

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