Three Sisters Who Share an Eye

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Three Sisters Who Share an Eye
Burning Star Core - Three Sisters Who Share an Eye.jpg
Studio album by Burning Star Core
Released June 2006 (2006-06)
Recorded Autumn 2005 (2005)
Studio Ashworth Tap Room, Cincinnati, OH
Genre Drone, noise
Label No Fun
Burning Star Core chronology
Mes Soldats Stupides '96 - '04
Three Sisters Who Share an Eye
Everyday World of Bodies

Three Sisters Who Share an Eye is the third studio album by Burning Star Core, released on in June 2006 by No Fun Productions. [1] Arthur magazine called it "essential listening from top to bottom" that "blows doors on everything around it." [2]

Burning Star Core is the experimental music project of violinist C. Spencer Yeh. Originally conceived 1993 in Cincinnati, the project is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Composing music that's driven by his violin, Yeh's Burning Star Core project is known for its unique blend of musique concrète, ambient, drone, and psychedelic music. His albums A Brighter Summer Day (2002), Blood Lightning 2007 (2007), Operator Dead... Post Abandoned (2007) and Challenger (2008) received favorable write-ups from critics.

Arthur magazine was a bi-monthly periodical that was founded in October 2002, by publisher Laris Kreslins and editor Jay Babcock. It received favorable attention from other periodicals such as L.A. Weekly, Print, Punk Planet and Rolling Stone. Arthur featured photography and artwork from Spike Jonze, Art Spiegelman, Susannah Breslin, Gary Panter and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Arthur's regular columnists included Byron Coley, Thurston Moore, Daniel Pinchbeck, Paul Cullum, Douglas Rushkoff, and T-Model Ford.


Track listing

All music composed by C. Spencer Yeh.

Side one
Side two


Adapted from the Three Sisters Who Share an Eye liner notes. [3]

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Release history

United States2006No Fun LP NFP-05

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