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ThrillerVideo is a horror home video series that began being released in February 1985 to 1987 by U.S.A. Home Video and International Video Entertainment (I.V.E.).



Released on VHS and Betamax, many of the "films" released by ThrillerVideo were actually episodes of the British TV shows Thriller and Hammer House of Horror . Many of the titles in the series were hosted by TV horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, who declined to be associated with slasher movies and films involving animal cruelty, [1] so titles such as Make Them Die Slowly , Seven Doors of Death , and Buried Alive as well as later videos featuring episodes of Thriller were simply released without her. Several of the Thriller episodes included two to three minutes of additional footage that was not seen in the original British broadcasts. [2]


Hosted by Elvira

Non-Elvira releases

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