Throne of Chaos

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Throne of Chaos
Origin Espoo, Finland
Genres Progressive metal, melodic death metal (early)
Years active1996 (1996)–2005 (2005)
Labels InsideOut Music

Throne of Chaos (TOC) were a heavy metal band from Espoo, Finland, active from 1996 to 2005.


Their early sound, as recorded on their debut album Menace and Prayer, has been described as melodic death metal, having musical characteristics reminiscent of fellow Finns Children of Bodom. [1]

For their second album, Pervertigo, the band migrated to a sound more heavily influenced by thrash and progressive metal. For their final album, the progressive-leaning Loss Angeles, released on InsideOut Music, the band shortened their name from Throne of Chaos to TOC. [2]

Taneli Kiljunen originally performed all vocals before damaging his throat and being unable to sing for an extended period. Because of this, Pervertigo was performed with the help of two session vocalists: Pasi Nykänen, also of Warmen, and Niklas Isfeldt, vocalist with Dream Evil, and Pure X. For Loss Angeles, Tuomas Nieminen was added to the band with Taneli offering occasional bursts of harsh vocals.

Despite the radical evolution of their sound over their decade of existence, as well as favourable reviews for their final album, the band, unable to make commercial headway, called it quits in August 2005. [3]



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Sonrise is the debut studio album from the Norwegian Christian metal band Schaliach. It was released in 1996 through Petroleum Records to a mostly positive critical reception. In particular, the guitar work from Ole Børud was praised. In 2005, Momentum Scandinavia re-issued the album with an additional track - "Purple Filter", that originally appeared on a compilation album.


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