Throne of a Thousand Years

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Throne of a Thousand Years: Chronicles as Told by Erik, Son of Riste, Commemorating Sweden's Monarchy from 995–96 to 1995–1996
Throne of a Thousand Years cover 1996.jpg
Front of the dust cover of Throne of a Thousand Years from 1996.
AuthorJacob Truedson Demitz
CountrySweden and United States
SubjectSwedish history
PublisherRistesson Ent
Publication date
December 19, 1996
ISBN 978-91-630-5030-5
OCLC 36647578
LC Class DL644.1 .D46 1996

Throne of a Thousand Years is a non-fiction book, written by Jacob Truedson Demitz and published in 1996, and is the first English-language historical account solely about all the kings and queens of Sweden. [1] [2]


It details their personal histories, the impact of their reigns on Scandinavian history, and the political implications of disclosed dynastic ties in Europe.

Sponsored mainly by Ericsson, ABB and the Swedish Postal Service, the account was published by Ristesson Ent in Ludvika and Los Angeles. A fictional chronicler called Erik, Son of Riste relates the factual story, which is followed by fact boxes about each of the 66 monarchs covered and a number of ancestry charts. Illustrations (if not otherwise noted in the book) are portrait drawings by the author made from the 1960s to the 1990s, [3] and 3 differently sorted lists of persons are included as well as an appended text rendition in Swedish.


Throne of a Thousand Years was particularly praised by Dala-Demokraten for its English-language name forms, exonyms for pre-20th-century Swedish royalty, and a "refreshing" lack of nationalism, [4] and by Nya Ludvika Tidning for its general interest and for easy access to hard-to-find facts. [2]

2020 edition

Making extensive use of recent donations by the National Museum of Sweden to Wikimedia Commons, a new full color edition called Centuries of Selfies was published in 2020 with a preface by Ulf Sundberg. [5]

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The following is a timeline of minor events between January and mid-March in the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden.


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