Throwing the Game (album)

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Throwing the Game
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Studio album by
ReleasedMay 8, 2001
Genre Punk/Ska
Label Elektra
Producer Howard Benson
Lucky Boys Confusion chronology
The Soapbox Spectacle
Throwing the Game
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Throwing the Game is the second full-length album by Lucky Boys Confusion, and their first on a major label. The album contains newly recorded versions of songs from Growing Out of It and The Soapbox Spectacle , plus five new songs.

Lucky Boys Confusion is an American rock band from the western suburbs of Chicago. Hailing from DuPage County, the band's music is a mix of rock, punk, ska and hip hop. The band consists of vocalist Kaustubh "Stubhy" Pandav, guitarist/vocalist Adam Krier, bassist Jason Schultejann, and drummer Ryan Fergus. Guitarist and founding member Joe Sell was member of the band until his death. Pandav and Krier write the majority of the band's songs.

<i>Growing Out of It</i> 1998 studio album by Lucky Boys Confusion

Growing Out Of It is the debut album released by Lucky Boys Confusion in 1998.

The Soapbox Spectacle is a 2000 EP released by the Chicago-area rock band Lucky Boys Confusion. The album is the band's second recording.


Track listing

  1. "Breaking Rules" – 3:26
  2. "40/80" – 4:18
  3. "Fred Astaire" – 3:58
  4. "Bossman (ft. Beenie Man)" – 3:20
  5. "Do You Miss Me [Killians]" – 2:50
  6. "Child's Play" – 3:43
  7. "Dumb Pop Song / Left of Center" – 3:27
  8. "Not About Debra" – 3:55
  9. "Saturday Night" – 3:58
  10. "Never like This" – 1:09
  11. "3 to 10 / CB's Caddy Part III" – 3:28
  12. "City Lights" – 3:40
  13. "One to the Right" – 3:25
  14. "Slip" + "Perfect (Hidden Track)" – 7:55



Jocelyn Enriquez is an American dance-pop singer from San Francisco. She is of Filipino descent; her parents are from the province of Pangasinan. She graduated from Pinole Valley High School in 1993.

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